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When Worlds Colitis

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You Say Stomay-to, I Say Stoma-to

Turner and Price try to help as Fleischman turns purple. Price tells Ana to push the red button, but there is confusion. A nerdy guy in the back reveals he's claustrophobic and starts to freak out. Ana makes little snarky comments like, "Maybe we should call a doctor." Price asks, "Was that directed at me?" Turner tries to be a man and says, "Ladies, let's not be petty," and they both give him a dirty look and ask, "PETTY!?" Turner wishes he could be somewhere more pleasant, like maybe a slaughterhouse in the Ukraine. The man in the back screams, "Let me out of here!" and Fleischman, who is close to being rescued, says, "Come again?" Because he's old, remember? Ha ha! My trusty Day Runner. Never write a recap without it.

Cut to opening credits and commercials. The fun's just begun.

We're in Ron Harris's office (The International House of Wood Paneling) where Turner is arguing to try to keep Dr. Fleischman on staff against Harris's wishes. Harris says he had to call a museum to get the doctor's personnel records. Ooh, burn. Harris wonders why they're paying non-productive staff members. Turner argues that Fleischman doesn't perform surgery anymore and in his day was a great contributor to surgery not only at the hospital but the world at large. Harris counters with stuff about salaries and calls the man an old geezer. Give it fifteen years, Ron. We'll see who's the old geezer then. Price looks uncomfortable, as if she'd rather be anywhere else, like maybe in the elevator with Syphax. Harris says he admires Turner's compassion (yeah, right), but gets Turner to admit that Fleischman just isn't contributing anything worth earning a salary. Harris says they'll throw the guy a big party. Then he does something nice by offering to do the firing himself. Turner and Price say they appreciate that. Ron stops Turner at the door to tell him, "We're doing the right thing." There's no foreshadowing music here, but there should be.

At the front desk where nurse Walker is back from her car flip and emergency baby delivery from a few weeks back, Ossie Davis walks in wearing a king's outfit complete with a crown that looks like a hardened version of the one you can get at Burger King. "Good day, good day, to all my loyal subjects!" he bellows. Heathen, who's watching along, says, "This is gonna be so embarrassing." He stumbles along, spouting pseudo iambic pentameter and settles on Walker, "How, pray tell, is thy babe?" Oh god. Please stop it. He rambles about his "royal parts" and she finally says, "You gonna have to speak plain English, your majesty." Never mind that she's not exactly a professor of English herself. Ossie hands his scepter to some poor guy, lifts up his pant leg and reveals a shin that's missing a big chunk of skin. Everybody moans and leans back, presumably from the smell and not from awe of his royal wound. "Put it down!" Walker yells.

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City of Angels




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