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You Say Stomay-to, I Say Stoma-to

Turner is hanging out, really upset about the Dr. Fleischman thing. Dr. Price gives him a shoulder rub and tells him it's over. (Fleischman, not their relationship.) Turner says he feels like he killed the man himself. "It was his decision and it was a bad one," she says. Then she talks about what kind of tribute it would be if Turner just sad around and moped, but this is stupid because I don't know about you, but I'd be pretty pissed off if people didn't mourn me after I died. Turner and Price decide to go out and have fun that night. They leave the lounge as Price gives the ugly green death couch one final look.

In the cafeteria, Dr. Williams is about to grab the last, nasty piece of fried chicken. Syphax stops him, saying she hopes he doesn't mind, but she was eavesdropping on his conversation with Savannah. Williams' interior monologue:

"Oh crap. She thinks I used to have breasts. Wait. Is that a good thing or a bad thing? She has breasts. Maybe she thinks I have shared some insight into the female psyche. What if I am the man of her dreams because I am the only one who can relate to the call of the mammary? Maybe Weiss is truly her dream man. Wait, maybe she just wants this piece of fried chicken. Oh she's looking at me. Maybe I should say something. 'Hey baby. Wanna feel my pecs?' No, no, that's terrible. How about, 'In high school, I was voted Breast Dressed.' Oh, damn."
Syphax says she was very impressed with Williams and now she's stalking him. She decides, despite or because of his non-existent teenaged breasts, to go dancing. Williams says, "Let's go," and chucks the chicken, so to speak.

The salsa club is grooving. Ana is wearing an olive green dress and Wesley is in a suit with a bright red shirt. The camera spins around and tilts this way and that to convey not only a fun time, but that the two can salsa dance, which clearly they cannot. Williams dips Syphax, and while she's upside down, she sees Dr. Turner and Dr. Price, cutting a rug. They look like they just stepped off the set of Strictly Ballroom, totally out-pimping poor Ana and Wesley. Ana says, "I have to get out of here," which she does. Williams just looks sad. Back with Price and Turner, they end the song with an amazing flourish. Now those two can dance!

At a sad, abandoned lonely hearts club bar, Ana Syphax moans about how Turner used to say he had two left feet. "Well, his two left feet are out dancing with her." Williams commiserates, trying to paint himself as "Mr. Perfect." She says Williams is special, and brings up the breasts thing again. "How did you manage?" she asks. Wesley stutters, obviously lying, but she doesn't seem to notice. "It's like it never happened," he says. They get up and slow dance, holding each other tight.

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City of Angels




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