City of Angels
When Worlds Colitis

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You Say Stomay-to, I Say Stoma-to

It's the next day at Angels of Mercy. During a medical presentation, Turner stops Weiss to make his own little speech. He gives a tribute to Max Fleischman, the man who would have been sitting front row, center. Turner calls the man a scientist, a clinician and a teacher. Oh, and he was old. He reads a note from the late doctor saying that he was already dying of pancreatic cancer. Convenient. The note is very sad, and talks about how without his work the man didn't feel useful. Everybody in the audience reacts with sadness, even though they all thought he looked a little like Colonel Sanders. Turner asks everybody to stand for a moment of silence. They do. Turner turns it back over to Weiss who can't even bust a rap to break the somber mood. We pan to an empty chair then cut to Turner's sad, reflective face.

That's the end of part one. Come back for the continuation where Dr. Price gets some devastating news from her ex-husband, the King pulls a disappearing act, and Wesley Williams does some very stupid, stupid things.

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City of Angels




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