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Mr. Hudson, in the Hangar, With a Switchblade
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Previously on Revolution: Randall and his minion John hooked up with Monroe (guess that's how Monroe got the drones he used on the rebels last week). We found out that Rachel is a terrible, selfish, almost irredeemable character who is willing to let everyone in the world die on her whim. Jason almost got blown to bits in the drone attack, and Nora was taken into Monroe custody.

Nora's prison cell. Hair status: still pretty good, considering. Quite shiny. A guard brings her a box and tells her to open it; inside is a Marion-in-Raiders-of-the-Lost-Ark¬-style white dress so Nora can get all tarted up to have the world's most uncomfortable dinner with Monroe. He greets her as an old friend when she arrives, and pours her a glass of wine. She's not so dumb as to drink it.

Monroe strokes her glorious hair while they banter tensely about how Monroe wants to have Miles's things -- including Nora's vagina, obviously. But the real reason he's brought her to this lovely dungeon is to ask where Miles is. Rather than reply, Nora grabs a wine bottle, smashes it, and tries to slash Monroe's face open with it, but he disarms her easily and pins her to the table, hissing, "I. Tried. To. Be. Nice."

And then we're with Monroe's enhanced interrogators, who are beating Nora and half drowning her, all the while asking where Miles is. She replies that Miles is probably banging their mothers, and then on day fourteen John shows up and injects some yellow stuff into Nora's neck. A week later, Nora's barely conscious. The soldiers tell John to give her more of whatever he's been shooting into her neck. He makes a token protest, but when he threatens Nora with the needle again, she breaks and tells them Miles is somewhere in Atlanta. Now they want to know about Neville. And Rachel. Nora tells them what she knows. When she says Rachel is going to the Tower, John makes a subtle "oh shit" face.

Randall lies to Monroe about the Tower, telling him it's an old DOD installation that's no longer important, but Monroe replies that John told him the Tower can turn the power back on for everyone. He's not pleased that Randall didn't share this information, and since we saw how he treated Jeremy, who was his friend, last week, after Monroe hollers, "I don't like you," he tells his guards to kill Randall.

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