Collateral Damage

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So You Think You Can Dance
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Christopher rides a horse out to the ol' lovers' tree so he can stare wistfully at the carving of his and Elena's names. Then he makes a determined face and pays John Ross a visit. John Ross is in the middle of fussing at a lawyer about the mineral trust when Christopher walks into his bedroom/office. Why isn't this guy working out of his trailer office? John Ross sees his cousin gloating in the doorway and asks, "Don't you have some cows to go birth?" Heh. Christopher hands over the DVD of John Ross getting it on with Marta saying he could have used it, but didn't have to. Instead of being glad that loose end is all tied up, John Ross smirkily remembers their childhood basketball games. "I always knew if I let you score a few points, you'd get cocky and let your guard down." Um... yeah. John Ross really needs to be saying that to himself at this point. The two of them start bickering and then Christopher's all, "I hope you don't bring Elena into this!" even though John Ross didn't mention Elena at all. There must some kind of "mentions of Elena" quota they have to meet. Christopher walks back out of the office, stopping long enough to tell John Ross that he plans to fight for Elena. Way to give your enemy a heads up, doofus.

Rebecca goes over to Elena's cottage to thank her for the trip to the hospital. While she's giving Elena a gift basket, she starts feeling all barfy and runs into the bathroom. Elena watches her gagging over the toilet bowl and looks sad because she's realized that Rebecca is pregnant. Rebecca says she only found out at the hospital and hasn't been able to reach Christopher to tell him about it. Rebecca scampers away, saying, "I'm sorry I threw up in your bathroom!" Elena stands around looking devastated.

Ann hangs around at a playground, watching all the happy children and staring sadly at her mysterious locket. She gets a call from her husband. She lies and says she's out shopping. He looks worried, sensing the hesitation in her voice, but doesn't push.

John Ross takes his cousin Lucy out to brunch at the Omni Hotel. He regales her with a childhood story about the time she found him passed out on the floor, drunk after his first glass of bourbon. "You were half-ass gone on the floor!" Lucy says with a laugh. "And the first thing I thought was, 'Yep, he's his mama's son!'" This is in reference to Sue Ellen's alcoholism. What an odd thing to laugh about. John Ross gets to the point of their reunion: He wants her to ask Uncle Gary to let them drill on Southfork, since he's one of the heirs who's siding with Bobby. Lucy seems to be against that idea, but perks up with John Ross offers a stake in Ewing Oil.

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