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We open on Arlington Cemetery, and then head inside a church, where Templeton is giving a eulogy for Bridges. He goes on about what genius Bridges had, as demonstrated by his picking a woman -- and an Independent -- as his Vice-President. As Templeton says this, Rod reaches over and takes Mac's hand. Scenes of the burial at Arlington are laid over Templeton's speech. The military folds the flag and gives a twenty-one-gun salute. Back in the church, we see Mac, as well as Grace and Tommy Bridges. Templeton wraps up his speech: "Pray for the soul of our beloved President. Pray for Mackenzie Allen, her husband, her children. Pray for this nation that waits with hopeful heart for her to answer the clarion call of Teddy Bridges, for it is only through your [sic] deeds that his genius can be fulfilled for us all." Mac looks serious, and we cut back to the rest of the salute at the burial.

After the funeral, the First Family is in the limo, Rod sarcastically reliving Templeton's speech: "Templeton doesn't want you to be able to take credit for your own presidency." He then is so good as to set up the episode for : "And with him next in line, it is top priority for us to get a Vice-President confirmed." Mac wants Warren Keaton. Horace is upset to hear this, and wants to know why, since Keaton hates her: "Why help him?" Mac explains that she doesn't want to help him, but wants him to help her, and the country. Rod jumps in to say that she should listen to her son, and exposits that Keaton was attacking her for a year. Amy begins our dose of cutesy for the episode by asking why Mac needs a Vice-President. She's very solemn, isn't that just the cutest? Mac replies, "Mommy needs someone to take over in case I can't do the job. Kind of like a substitute teacher." Rod repeats last weekend's lesson that this must be kept a big secret. We avoid lip-locking, but say that from now on, everything they say stays within this family. I'm certain that this will not be any sort of a problem AT ALL later this hour. Let's thank Rod for essentially being this week's Narrator of Impending Conflict. Look! He's not useless!

Templeton approaches Jim after the service. They greet each other, Jim with "So it ends." Templeton replies, "So it begins." Templeton starts fishing for who Mac is considering as VP, asking whether a list exists, and Jim tells him, "One name." "Whose." The line is delivered with a strange lack of inflection, as if continuing Jim's words. Jim is awkward, and Templeton laughs him off and whips out a piece of paper really abruptly. Again, we get this strange camera angle from below, but I'm not sure what it's being used for. Templeton wants to know if the name belongs to anyone on his own list, which is of the nominees he knows that he can get through Congress. Tucker Baynes is the first name on the list, Jim points out. Templeton, ever so coyly: "That's not a problem, is it?" Jim responds, just as sing-songy, "Well, I like Tucker Baynes." Templeton goes suddenly serious. "You tell the girl that this is just a dance. She steps on people's toes, she sits it out. That's how it goes." It's a threat, but also -- what? She's not sitting it out; she's the President. She may have a rougher go of it, but especially after repeated viewings of this scene, the threat makes less and less sense.

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