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Mac sits with Colin, Kelly, Joan, and an unnamed Secret Service agent. "We scoured the Vice-Presidential residence, Ma'am. I went where Velour said it would be, but..." Mac is trying to suppress a laugh, since it's clearly not the right time, but interrupts to say, "Just so you know, Rebecca HATES that code name." And with good reason! What does that make Horace's code name -- Velcro? Unnamed SS agent jumps back on the serious track and says that they are worried a mover might have it and sell it to the tabloids. Gravely, Joan says that Becca told her that she may have written things about Mac. Mac turns to Kelly and asks her opinion; Kelly tells her that, from a press point of view, "there's really nothing that can be done." Colin: "What she's trying to say is we can't go to the tabloids. If we go to the tabloids, we won't be the only ones tracing it." Kelly: "She's sixteen years old. Whatever's in that diary, we do not want it printed." This is spectacularly melodramatic. How much more would there really be other than "I hate my mom -- she won't let me stay out late alone with my boyfriend!" USSA jumps back in to see if maybe, just once, ever, maybe Mac shared sensitive material with Rebecca. Mac: "Well, I didn't give her the nuclear codes..." Kelly laughs, and Mac points out, "Come on, if you need to know what's in the diary, there's only one place to go." And instead of cutting to that mysterious source, we cut to commercial.

The next morning, the crew is interrogating Becca on one of their uncomfortable couches. "Is there anything in the diary that mentions the President?" "Yeah, I guess so..." "Anything that might be perceived as damaging to your mother?" Becca looks pleadingly at Joan. She's embarrassed and exasperated, trying to cooperate, but says that she doesn't remember exactly what's in there. Mac looks concerned as another new agent asks if she wrote anything personal about drugs, or maybe sex? Joan finally jumps in as Becca's advocate, asking them to slow down, and Mac comes over to talk to her. She assures Becca that she should be honest with the Secret Service, but that Mac is leaving and the agents are under orders not to repeat to Mac what was in the diary. It's a good compromise, but I still can't imagine that she's got anything that bad in there. I know she's acting guilty and worried, but I think that's a normal sixteen-year-old's reaction to having her deepest, heartfelt, angst-filled teenage thoughts spilled to the world, not that she wrote damaging confessions about her mother's political career. Mac gets up and Joan turns and says, "Guys..." and then they cut away. Wait, so are the other agents being sent away too? Was that a warning for them to go easier on Becca? I'm so confused.

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