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Kelly is holding another press conference, once again having questions fired at her about the VP nomination. However, she's much more confident than she was the day before, and assures them that no one has been selected. One particularly bitchy reporter tells her in an accusatory tone just to be straight with them, since she obviously leaked the name. Kelly is indignant that she did no such thing.

We then cut to Kelly leaning against a column outside, a cigarette in her fingers. Rod approaches and points out that it's not lit. Kelly replies, "I don't smoke, I'm just preparing for the inevitable." Dang if this girl's not growing on me. Rod smiles and strangely enough looks like the cat who just swallowed the canary: "I saw your morning briefings." Kelly's a bit put off, asking, "You think it's funny?" "No, I think you have the most important job in the White House, and the most difficult to learn." Kelly is convinced that she's letting the president down, but Rod won't accept that from her: "Kelly, you have been with us from the start. You're battle-tested, you're loyal, you're tough when you need to be. Your president called upon you because she trusts you, because she knows you'd lay down on train tracks for her." "Is that enough?" Kelly asks. "It is if the press realizes that. They'll respect you for it. So you tell it like it is. The lingo you learn, the respect you earn." He then says goodbye and leaves, smiling. Is NoraBot rubbing off on him somehow?

Jayne is in Templeton's office, talking with Tucker Baynes; she's all smiles, legs, and flattery. Templeton walks in, offering his own toothy grin, and offers Baynes a drink. They sit in big, manly leather chairs while Jayne looks on with her legs crossed -- she's relaxed and like one of the guys, but oozing sex appeal. She's clearly very good at this. After normal polite catch-up, Templeton asks if the President has contacted him yet, and Baynes says no. Templeton puts on his Concerned Face: "Oh dear, oh my, well, I'm not surprised." He's going to chip a tooth on all of that scenery, and I love him for it. Templeton: "It's a mess over there. She had to fire her husband as her Chief of Staff, so that's in a crisis mode." Jayne looks appropriately concerned over the state of the current administration. "Press Secretary's gone. Secretary of Labor's gone, Department of Defense is up in arms over this Nigeria thing." Haynes seems to not want to jump right in to join the bashing and asks, "She must have gotten the spike for that. Right? I mean, women?" Oh my, he's uncomfortable with that demographic. They aren't another species, Haynes. Jayne is quick to authoritatively dismiss this potentially positive effect: "The numbers aren't real. They're emotional." Templeton starts to lay it on thick that what they need is a guy like Tucker Baynes to get in there and "right the ship of state." "Literally!" Baynes adds. Templeton gravely corrects, "Figuratively." Tucker looks less than pleased, and finally mildly threatens, "If this isn't real, then I'm gonna come off as a horse's ass. Do you have her ear on this?" Templeton admits that they don't have hers, but that they have Jim Gardner's. Very interesting possibility, that. They talk specifics; once Baynes's good humor is restored, he asks Templeton why he turned "it" down. "The Vice-Presidency?" Templeton has one moment of an awkward frozen smile, collects himself, and then sighs and looks at the ceiling philosophically: "This office. Couldn't leave it. I love it." Jayne looks at her watch and gives Templeton an excuse to leave. There's more chuckling and good-old-boy BS; Templeton tells Baynes he looks "Vice-Presidential." Don't choke on the scenery on your way out, Donald! Don't get me wrong, I'm loving him in a very Dynasty-villain sort of way, but he's the glaring caricature of this show.

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