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Jayne is (still) looking sexy in a suit and coat walking along the water, where she comes upon...Jim Gardner. He IS evil! he? He's less conspiratorial and more angry: "You guys met with Baynes!" "What, no preliminaries?" she asks coyly. Jim is agitated. Harry Lennix does a great job with agitated. Jayne gives him a very careful answer that Templeton respects Baynes and could get him a quick confirmation, and Jim just asks what's going on. I don't know, guys, he seems to be a lot less on your side than you'd like. Jayne finally icily says that the President should "learn to show a little respect." They bark back and forth and finally she comes up with "Do you know, if she won't make this happen, we will." Jim replies, "I don't take ultimatums well." "It doesn't matter if you take them well, Jim. It only matters if she does. Go with Baynes. He's a winner." She gives a coquettish wave, and turns to go. I don't know about you, but unless they're one of those couples that really likes to fight as flirting, I'm thinking he's not Mr. Two Bottles of Wine. But then again, maybe Jim's just a puppy dog once a long-legged blonde approaches with some Chardonnay. Maybe...he has two personalities! Maybe he has a twin! Whoops, there's the soap fan in me talking again.

Something did stick with Jim, though, so now he's trying to convince Mac that Keaton's a lost cause and that she should go with Baynes. She's not having it, and is really suspicious that Templeton is pushing him so hard, especially since Baynes would be Templeton's competition for the Republican nomination in two years. Wait, two years? If Bridges was in office for two and a half years, doesn't that make the election a year and a half away? Shouldn't someone already be know what? I need to stop worrying about the flow of time with this show. We're in Television Political Time and Space. Jim just shrugs, realizing that he's doing a horrible job of selling the idea to Mac. He gives one last weak effort: "Maybe Templeton isn't running." Mac just looks at him. "Jim."

Horace is on his laptop, and Becca is sulking. She says she's bored, in that way that really means, "Talk to me about what's wrong." He assures her that it will be okay, but then she admits that he's in her diary, too. He's disbelieving and pissed off: "Oh man, don't tell me that." Seriously, what is really that bad in this family? He asks what she said, but before she can answer he yells at her to stick to writing about her own life, not his. He then backs down and says they'll find it, adding for good measure, "They'd better find it."

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