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Back to Kelly and the presscapades. She's just been asked about the VP nomination for the thirteenth time, and requests a new subject. To no one's surprise, it turns to the decisionmaking behind the Oria Madula rescue: "Was she acting as a representative of women?" Kelly has had enough. "Oria Madula was to be brutally tortured until she died because she had a child out of wedlock. Stoned until her skull caved in." Colin is looking at Kelly. "The president wasn't acting as a representative of women; she was acting as a representative of the human race." That line was delivered so well that I want to get up and cheer, except that Kelly's brow is so furrowed that she looks like she's about to cry. She walks out, and Reporter Charlie follows her, complimenting her that she's getting the hang of it. He then gets right to the point: he needs a comment because he's running a story the next day on Baynes. "I never said he was our guy..." Kelly says for the thousandth time that day, shaking her head. But Charlie continues, "It's about an out-of-court settlement." Kelly's face goes stony.

Mac sinks onto a couch in the residence, takes off her shoes, and sees a young boy walk through the room with a glass of milk. Oh wow, creepy. Between suddenly identical rooms and mute little boys, this could so easily turn into a Stephen King novel. But, this time it's only Tommy, and Mac tries to be conversational and ask him how he's doing. He responds that he's okay and calls her "Mrs. Allen," and Grace walks right in and corrects him that it's now "President Allen." She sends him off to bed and apologizes to Mac, although I'm not sure if it's for the Mrs./President mistake or for having her son hanging out with their family. She thanks Mac for her patience, who assures Grace that she's a "national treasure" and asks if there is anything else that she can do. Interestingly, Grace begins, "Well, Teddy..." but right then Jim and Kelly walk in and she doesn't get a chance to finish. She quickly excuses herself. Kelly brings her up to speed on Reporter Charlie's article about Baynes. Mac: "Oh. My Vice-President that I never chose." It turns out that he has -- what else? -- a sexual-harassment accusation in his past. Female staffer, she went to his attorneys, it settled out of court...that tried-and-true guilty-looking scenario. Jim tells Mac that the press will go crazy when they hear this, since they also believe he's Mac's choice, and that it would be her "first major faux pas." Though Mac protests, Jim's absolutely right. Mac's extremely upset and knows that this is the work of Templeton: she angrily demands of Jim why her own staff didn't have this in their file. He barks that they just started vetting him, catches himself, and apologizes. But Mac has had enough of the games: "You tell Charlie our comment is no comment. This ends NOW." She picks up the phone and orders the operator to get General Warren Fitzgerald Keaton: "Tell him his Commander in Chief is calling."

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