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Kelly's dealing with yet more Tucker Baynes allegation questions, and tries to end the subject with a concise "I'm sorry, we don't comment on allegations, we only comment on facts. And Tucker Baynes is not, nor has he ever been, President Allen's choice. That's just you all speculating." Obnoxious Gilda sarcastically asks, "Well, who is her choice, then?" Right then, Mac walks in smiling and says she can take this one. Everyone stands, and she swaggers up to the podium, where she introduces Keaton and causes Press Pandemonium as the reporters frantically call in stories about how she's shocked everyone by choosing her political enemy for VP.

Back in Templeton's office, Jayne notices a ruckus on the television. At the press conference, Mac and Keaton laugh jovially, and we get a long close-up of Templeton's angry, craggy jowls. Jayne goes All Business: "He won't be confirmed." Templeton agrees, "Not a chance." Oblivious to all of this at the press conference, Mac smiles at the day's victory.

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