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Hale's out of the press conference talking to...Colin from Beverly Hills, 90210! I'm glad to see you've given up your painting and gone for a steady job, Colin. I hope you've finally kicked the nasty coke habit, too. Hale's pissy and wanting answers about Nigeria, but Jim is even more ticked off that's Hale's invoked the War Powers, since it appears that he's trying to actually inflame the press. Hale: "The 'cool factor' of her being a woman is going to wear off fast, and buddy, we are all going to go down with the ship." Jim is stern as he shoots back, "I need to know if the President has your loyalty." "The President's dead, Jim." I think that's Asshole for "No." Jim replies, "I want your resignation on my desk, in an hour." "It's already there." Look at that, I was right. I've picked up a lot of conversational Asshole in my time.

Waverly and NoraBot have them in the formal dining room, when a dog bounds in. Amy yelps in delight for Regal, the dog, while NoraBot looks and sounds irked. But she recovers and points out Becca's room while running through a list of former occupants. In the next room, they hear a door and see Grace Bridges run after Tommy in the next room. Everyone looks a little bit shocked as Rod asks if that was Grace, and Nora answers that they temporarily moved into the guest bedrooms. She brusquely informs them, "Eleanor Roosevelt stayed for three months after FDR died." This tour is both weird and a bit boring so far. I hope we get some real drama soon, like a scandalous missing item or something.

In Templeton's office, a super-leggy blonde -- Jayne Murray -- is saying that she loved the speech. Templeton's not having it; he's angry that Mac's clearly picked a VP candidate with no consultation, and that he doesn't know who it is. Jayne announces, "It's Warren Keaton," with not a little bit of smugness. "Bloody hell," Templeton says, flabbergasted. "She is something. How'd you -- when'd you find that out?" Jayne: "Sometime after the second bottle of wine." She is self-assured, that's for certain. I'd be excited to see the big reveal when we learn whom she plied, but unfortunately it's never brought up again for the rest of the hour. Templeton wants to have everything moved up. They're going to fly in Baynes, and he sends Jayne to leak it to the press that he's Mac's choice. "Mackenzie Allen. What a piece of work she turned out to be." He smiles and rocks on his heels, seeming almost impressed at having an unexpectedly worthy adversary.

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