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Back at the office, Vince does his only job: running through Mac's upcoming schedule, including a photo op. Jim says it was his idea: "The world needs to see you in your role as Commander in Chief." (Hey, that's the name of the show!) Jim then tells Mac how he had to "encourage" the Press Secretary to resign. Mac, dryly: "You did." He explains why he did it, and she knows it's because Hale wanted the media to question all of her decisions. Jim suggests that they elevate Deputy, "Alex Williams," but Mac isn't so sure, seeing a possible opportunity for Team Allen. Unfortunately, Geena Davis is playing this scene a little too crafty and confident; something about it is really "acting the role of gutsy President in a high-school drama" rather than "playing the role of President on an ABC primetime drama, with multiple layers and characteristics." But she makes up for it immediately: "And Jim, next time you want to fire somebody at that level, check with me first." Oddly enough, that's not the act-out. They continue walking and talking into the next room as Jim tells her about Templeton's conversation and list. Mac makes sure Jim didn't mention Keaton, and Jim assures her that he absolutely did not. Oh my sweet goodness, I'm already getting bored of people talking about these two men. Can we meet one of them, or something, please?! Everyone keeps trying to be all political and, "Well, so-and-so is an interesting choice, but my candidate is better." We get it. Less talk, more action. Jim hustles Mac into another meeting and she asks, "So, this thing where I have no idea what I'm doing from one moment to the next -- I should just get used to that, right?" "You bet, ma'am." Oh, Leader of the Free World humor!

And back to the House of Children We Don't Really Care About Much Yet. Waverly takes them into Rebecca's room. (Wait, didn't NoraBot show her to her room already? Continuity -- it's your friend.) Becca's shocked to find that they've already been moved in, and Waverly proudly says that it happened during the funeral. The room is exactly the same as the one she woke up in that morning, right down to the shirt hanging off the bedpost. Waverly proudly says, "That's the point." I don't know -- that seems much more parallel-universe creepy to me than comforting, but to each his own. Ever the bearer of cute lines, Amy points out, "They even organized your underwear." Waverly adds, "Yes, that would be Gregory, the children's valet." Becca is aghast, and immediately rifles through her drawer. Waverly eventually picks up on the mood and asks if something was wrong. She unconvincingly says no, and moves them along, and then goes back to destroying her drawer in search for something. If I hadn't seen the previews and known that she was missing her diary, I would have guessed that she was missing birth control, or something much more scandalous.

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