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Mac's now in the Oval Office, meeting with Senate Majority Leader Alison Remarque and her merry band of Democrats. Remarque lays it on thick about how proud she is, speaking as a woman, and slides in how she assumes they will discuss the legislative agenda. Mac assures her, "I couldn't govern without your help, Allison." The merry band immediately jumps to hot-button topics, but Allison interrupts to talk VP nominations. They have yet another candidate at the top of their list, to which Mac gives a slight eyebrow raise. Jim interprets with a subtle "If you're going to recommend a Democrat to join an elected Republican administration, must it be a card-carrying Communist?" Way to keep relations smooth, Jim. Mac covers: "I like John Vernon." ["May he rest in peace." -- Wing Chun] But "it's just...his agenda's very...John Vernon." Allison is growing less amused by the second but is trying to stay polite, telling Mac that she and Vernon should at least meet. Mac refuses to give in and instead declares, "I've decided to go with the old 'best person for the job' thing," but won't give up the name. Allison, barely maintaining civility, asserts, "I don't want to take advantage of the death of a President, but it is an opportunity for the party..." Mac jovially sticks it to her: "Well, one of the benefits to being an Independent is, I don't have to worry about such things." Jim is amused, and Allison is stunned. Her sidekick is decidedly not amused, and issues a thinly-veiled threat: "Well, there's one thing you're right on. You can't govern without us."

Mac and Vince talk schedules some more, which is really the opening of choice for every scene this week. Mac wants to make sure that he schedules her time to get up to the residence and see the family that day. Vince is then traded for Jim, with whom Mac recaps the last scene by reminding us that now the Democrats are upset with Mac as well, but at least she still has an 80% approval rating for now. Back on VP Talk -- All Boring Discussion, All The Time -- Keaton will speak to Mac on the phone, but refuses an actual meeting. She's still not taking that sort-of-kind-of-no for an answer, though, and finally explains her lust for him: she's tired of people reminding her that he's attacked her, and looks at the amazing things he has done. He won a war without losing a single American life, and is an economics genius, which no other candidate can match. Oh, Mac, you and your high standards and scruples. Jim points out that he also has no idea how Washington works. "Isn't that what we have you for?" she asks gaily. She then tells Jim to set up the call, completely confident that Keaton is going to do it.

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