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Outside, Becca's trying to have someone pick her up, but her phone keeps cutting out, and she's busted by her Secret Service lady, who explains that the phone thing is a security measure. SS wants to know what Becca's doing. Ah, I mean Joan Greer wants to know what she's doing. Thank you, Commander in Chief, for the printed name! Which I've learned is known as the "lower third." I prefer, however, to call it the "recapper's friend." Becca is freaking out and has suddenly turned into a much more believable teenage character. She wants a cab or some way to get out of there, and Joan tries to calm her down. Becca finally says, in a desperate voice, "Look, they left it there, all right? And I've got to go back and get it before someone else does." "Okay," says Joan. "Left what? What are you talking about?" "My diary." Dum dum dum! "'s got stuff in it." Oh no, not stuff! NOT STUFF! Joan asks what kind of stuff, and Becca tells her it's stuff about her mom.

Mac walks toward the stairs, and Rod rounds the corner, looking deliciously cozy and pajamas and a robe. He makes sure she's okay and has eaten, but she tells him that she just came up to wish the kids a good night: "First day in, and I miss dinner." I know I need to let it go, but just once more: did she really expect to make it? Rod assures her that they are okay: "I think they've got it figured out that being the president is the most difficult and important job in the world." Mac wants to get back to her staff, who are still all working for her. Rod points out that they're just there because she's still working; he says she should send them home. They decompress from the day and talk about work. (Look! It's bedtime and he has her ear!) Rod wants her to give the Keaton/Baynes situation until morning, adding that it might not be that bad. It looks like he might be taking Jim's advice after all. Mac points out (again) that Baynes is Templeton's guy, but Rod echoes Jim's sentiment that it doesn't mean he's a bad choice.

Rod shows Mac to the bedroom, and she goes through her own shock at how it's identical, right down to Amy's painting taped to the wall. Can we break back into reality for a second? How is this possible? How are the doors and windows in the same places as before? I buy that it's similar, but not that it's identical down to the dust bunnies. I'm really good at suspending disbelief for TV, but this little detail is starting to make me nuts. There's no way the ghost movers also wallpapered the rooms in three hours. I'm having none of this, ABC. Okay, Lauren, breathe deeply. Now back to our regularly scheduled recap. Mac asks Rod if he thinks she should go with a Republican, but he replies that they should go with whoever gives Mac a viable administration: "Let the Speaker be a kingmaker; he'll give us the relationship we need on the Hill." Mac childishly and petulantly says she's still suck on Keaton, and Rod once again brings up all of the Mackenzie-bashing Keaton's done. She's sitting down and Rod's standing; she's looking up to him. It's kind of obvious, but an effective literal illustration that she still looks up to Rod and respects his opinion. I hope Rod can see that, since I'd like to see him grow into this job rather than spend the series as a fish out of water. Mac expands on her reasons for liking Keaton as a candidate, which is that he's a straight shooter. Rod says she needs sleep, and she lies back on the bed. Rod takes a moment to think about the surrealism of their situation, that John and Jackie slept in that room and breathes, "First female president." He looks at Mac, and she's fallen asleep. The phone rings and startles both them and me, and Mac says that she'll be right there.

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