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First Strike

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First Strike

We're treated to a montage of planes in the air, and news that protestors are moving into the city. Amy and Rod come bounding into the Oval Office. Well, Amy bounds; unfortunately Rod just walks, though I'd love to see him skipping. Rod told Amy she can read there until she falls asleep, and there's Robinson Crusoe cuteness. Blech. I actually like seeing Mac as a parent, and she seems like a good and real mother, and I'd like to see her continue to learn how to balance the two. But I don't need to see cutesy Amy with quite this frequency.

Alex reports to Kelly that, "the wires are reporting that mobs descended on the presidential palace in San Pasquale." Kelly is all business and confidence, saying that they'll call the press back and she'll get a statement. There is footage of a coup, and Jim comes in and reports (quietly) that the coup was successful and that the military arrested Sanchez. They've already got Duran on his way there. Mac has the crop dusters turned around, but adds that the F-15s can still destroy the coke labs. That's a good day of work, Mac -- defeat a dictator, take a chunk out of that country's drug trade, and you still get to have things blown up. Jim clearly agrees with me, looking delighted, and gives a "very good." Mac gazes at her hubby and daughter. Now if she can just remember what it's like to be sixteen and help out her other daughter, things will be going pretty well.

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