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First Strike

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First Strike

Finally, Willy jumps in: "Well, more than hear." Goodness -- THAT kind of dirt? "We became friends. He confided in me." Ooooh, okay. Choose your words carefully, Willy, I've got the mind of a twelve-year-old. Templeton replies very carefully: "So you want to be a patriot. Make sure the committee is fully informed on who Keaton really is." The conversation is extremely stiff; they've now moved into a chess game of keeping everything technically above-board. They move into the meat of the conversation, which is political and totally over my head. It involves Stevenson's not running for re-election, and Willy wanting in on Appropriations. His thinking is, "well, patriots should be rewarded." They go back and forth a bit with Jayne as well, and finally Willy sort of pleads, "He promised me he'd enter politics as a Republican. I vouched for him. I promised the party, and he turncoated." (Is that even a word? Microsoft Word doesn't think so.) "He made an ass out of me." The he turns steely: "He won't be confirmed -- not with what I know." Donald Sutherland does what he does best: looks delighted: "Revenge, Jayne. It's the only motivator I have any real faith in. I can't talk deals with you, Willy." But my wily, sexy staff can certainly do that without my knowledge. "Not personally." He looks at Jayne, who then leads Willy away.

Becca's on a cell phone. Hang on, that works now? She's laughing and chatting with a friend until Mac walks in, and Becca does the typical teenager falling-face-and-quickly-hanging-up move, as Mac is amused and calls, "Bye, Stacy!" Becca asks to spend the night at her friend's house, and Mac says she can't on a school night. Look at what a normal family they are! They sit down to breakfast, and Horace calls dibs on driving them to school. Ah, Instance #2 of blind stupidity. I actually said out loud, "Dude, there's no way you can drive yourself to school now. Idiot." Rod echoes me: "Not gonna happen. From now on, the Secret Service takes you wherever you need to go." Horace can't believe that they'll never be able to drive again. Mac concedes, "Well, maybe at Camp David." Becca just looks deflated and pissed, as she does best. Oh man, we then revisit another horrible recurring storyline as Mac sees Amy eating chocolate chip pancakes and does a switcheroo for fruit. I'll go so far as to buy that Amy can request what she wants and get it from the staff without going through a parent, but wouldn't one of her parents just TELL the cooks that she needs to eat healthier? This whole gag is stupid and not funny and endearing like the writers think it is. Mac tells the twins to be prepared for school -- that there will be a larger Secret Service detail, more media, etc. Both of them brush it off since they've been at this school for two years now. Why hello, Not Getting It Instance #3. Have these kids ever watched TV, or read a newspaper or magazine, or anything, ever? Mom being President is a whole new ball of wax. As Rod walks them through this in a much nicer way than I just did, Jim walks in and tells Mac that they need to head to the Situation Room, and will have to push the prep sessions for General Keaton's confirmation hearings. Under the sneaky guise of "getting more bacon from the silver chafing dish," Rod oh-so nonchalantly offers that he can get them started. I get it. I get that it's hard and he wants to be involved, but is it really so hard for him to understand that he can't be involved like he used to be? This is the Family of Doesn't Get It. Mac asks, "Would that be helpful, Jim?" and I honestly can't tell if she wants to give Rod the chance or wants Jim to do the dirty work of turning him down. Jim's displeased but agrees, the twins bicker, and they leave as they establish that the meeting he's hustling Mac to is about the agents in San Pasquale.

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