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First Strike

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First Strike

Back in the Situation Room, Wolfe repeats his concerns for the record, Mac notes them, and they connect the call with Sanchez. She asks him in Spanish if he needs a translator, but he speaks English. Now, having taken four-plus years of German in school, all the Spanish I know is from eating Mexican food. Even so, I think we're supposed to be amazed at her skills, but it sounds kind of awful to me. They proceed through the normal bullshit about Sanchez's concern for what happened and his assurances to look into it: "Tell me, Madam, these Americans -- they were tourists?" Jim jumps in -- I wonder if this is so that a lie won't be coming straight from the President's mouth -- and assures him, "They were independent contractors working on the pipeline there." They tapdance through Sanchez threatening that if the men were spies, that would be bad: "But if the President of the United States assures me otherwise --" Mac carefully cuts him off by thanking him for his help and offering to send a team to assist him, which he, of course, turns down. She grows serious, and goes back to her awkward...I mean, "flawless" Spanish to drive her point home. When the men responsible are found, she wants them sent to the U.S. Ever helpful, Sanchez says he sees no reason why not.

Rod is directing NoraBot to get him suppliesm. He's totally fired up, and she makes sure to try to quell his enthusiasm by telling him he's got the F.A.P.E. event -- Friends of Art and Preservation -- at 2. Rod is feeling less friendly with both Art and Preservation and tells her that they need to reschedule, but she's having none of that, since it's been planned for months. He tells her that this takes priority, and she finally stammers, "Sir, I just don't think that falls within the purview of what we do." "It does now," Rod tells her in no uncertain terms. "You said it yourself. I am the first First Gentleman. It's a whole new ball game. We get to make up the rules." NoraBot gives a quiet "Yes, sir." Clearly, she is not a fan of new rules. Grace enters the room and she and Nora begin reminiscing: "We accomplished a lot together, didn't we, Nora?" "That we did, ma'am." I crawl back out from under the table once the anvils are done raining down. As she walks away, Grace tells Rod, "Let me know if you need anything." As Grace shuffles away, Nora tells Rod, "I feel so sorry for her. She was so happy being the First Lady." A light goes on over Rod's head, and he runs after Grace, telling her that there is something he can use her help with. NoraBot just sighs and slumps.

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