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First Strike

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First Strike

Confirmation prep time. Keaton greets people as Rod walks in, seeming almost smugly happy. He has boxes and boxes being wheeled in, and Keaton warily jokes about moving in. Rod has all of the Bridges/Allen research on Keaton from the Vice-Presidential campaign. In a pleasant-masking-suspicious tone, he adds, "I can only imagine what Templeton and his committee will have, given as [sic] they've got three hundred FBI agents out there researching you, too." Keaton's not giving in to Rod and just assures him, "I've taken a lot of hills on the battlefield." Oh ho ho! And now he's on Capitol Hill! Ha ha, get it? Get...good one, sir. Rod goes on to explain that, for a four-day hearing, they'll need four weeks of prep. Keaton is cocky and is not going to take that: "I'm not sitting on my ass for a month practicing what I already know I'm gong to say." Namely: the truth, just like he'd say in any campaign. "Which you lost," Rod reminds him. "And, speaking of the truth, we'll need to discuss exactly how to deal with the specific verbal assaults that you made on the President during the campaign." Come ON, Rod. Act a little bit more like this isn't totally personal, and that you're not just waiting to rip into Keaton to satisfy your own personal revenge. Keaton clearly agrees, and angrily asks if that's what this is all about: "Getting even with me over what I said about your wife?" With that, the gloves are off and Rod dismisses everyone else in the room. "General Keaton, you wouldn't have been my choice for Vice-President, but the President selected you, and I've been tasked with getting you confirmed." Really? I seem to recall you shoehorning yourself in there over the breakfast buffet but keep up whatever makes you feel good. "I swear to you that is what I'm going to do, whether you like it or not. You may know how to take a hill, but you don't know how to take Capitol Hill." Aw, man! Rod stole my pun!

Templeton is in the President's office, telling Mac all about how Washington is full of sensitive, vain, and easily insulted people. Hey, it's just like Hollywood! Mac spells it out for him and the viewing audience: "You're saying I should have been more inclusive in my Vice-Presidential search." Templeton: "Some feathers have been ruffled." "Yours?" "Me? No." Templeton laughs gaily, and I fall a little bit more in love with him. "No, I gave Jim five names and I'm sure you gave them a thorough going-over." He goes on to explain that it's tooootally just ooooothers who have been upset, and that they'll want to teach Mac a lesson: "A little bit of 'next time she'll remember which side her bread is buttered on.'" I think that the folks in Washington should maybe go back and read The Butter Battle Book and have Dr. Seuss remind all of us that it doesn't matter if your bread is butter-side-up or butter-side-down. Mac plays dumb with the threat, and Templeton just chuckles and changes the subject, telling her she looks great -- not even tired. He then slides in that Keaton has personal problems, but man, doesn't she look great behind that desk, ladies and gentlemen? Let's give her a hand. Mac asks him what those problems are, but Templeton's suddenly full of integrity and won't break someone's confidence: "But I just wanted to advise you." "Then I am so advised." There are more plastic smiles than a Barbie factory, with one Skeletor doll snuck in there to play the role of Nate.

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