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First Strike

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First Strike

Kelly's now with Jim, and she's livid. Apparently, she had no idea about the San Pasquale situation, and was blindsided with that question in the press room. She's doing a great job growing into her Press Secretary role, but she has got to do something about her hair. I'm all for not sticking to old, stodgy, standard navy suits and whatnot, but she just looks unprofessional with the long, lank hair. And with that, I officially have become my mother. I'm going to go find some kids to tell them to turn down that "music." She bitches to Jim, rightly, that she can't walk into the press room and be hit with murdered drug enforcement agents. And I'm sorry, but I have the BEST mental picture of someone hiding behind the door with a dead body and whacking her with it as she rounds the corner. Jim hisses that it was classified, but Kelly rightly points out, "It's obviously not that classified!" They come upon some sort of outdoor conference. Jim apologizes and Kelly accepts, pointing out she needs to know these things if she's going to do her job. All of a sudden, they realize that they're having this conversation as Grace Bridges addresses a crowd. That's my favorite TV trick of all time -- the Sphere of Soundproof Space. If you walk ten feet away and talk to someone, no one else will be able to hear you! It's the perfect place for those conspiratorial conversations! Jim's completely ticked off as Kelly points out, "She's definitely raised the bar on squatting." NoraBot shows some emotion as she comes to Jim almost about to cry: "You have to help me. I don't know what to do with him." I'm torn between wanting her to learn how to adapt, and wanting Rod to get a grip and understand that his role is changing.

Amy runs up and greets Tommy Bridges, who is staring at a portrait like most six-year-olds do. He tells her they're in the East Room, where the "fancy events" are held. They point out their creepy mute nannies to each other. He points out a mistake in a plaque and Amy haughtily informs him that Mac will fix the misspelling. Tommy gravely tells Amy that she won't ever see her mom again, and they gaze at the portrait in six-year-old contemplation.

Jim and Mac are getting coffee in what appears to be the presidential break room. It's like any other office kitchenette, but with much more actual china and antique tea sets all around. They discuss the "Grace Situation": Jim's adamant that someone needs to speak to her about what she did, even if she was invited to participate. Mac offers to talk to her, and finally Jim points out that Grace might not be the one who needs to be talked to. Mac concedes, but looks uncomfortable, and Jim offers to take care of it. Good God, I can't get over how bad an idea this is. So far, we've seen nothing but Rod's not being able to handle a different (and yes, diminished) role. We've seen him not take advice well from Jim. He needs to hear this from Mac. And I realize she won't want to do that because it's uncomfortable, but Rod's also not going to take it from anyone else. Welcome to being a grown-up, in a grown-up situation. Mac and Jim are notified that Duran is in the residence, and the NSC and the Attorney General are in the Oval Office. They leave to their meetings.

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