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And then, we get the scene we've been promised by ABC lo these many months: "Mr. Speaker, the President of the United States!" As Mac walks in to a standing ovation, she shakes General Pollack's hand and he leans in, presumably letting her know that the extraction is proceeding as planned. Templeton claps unhappily, and then shakes Mac's hand. Rod looks proud. Mac begins her speech, and not two sentences in, the TelePrompter flickers and clicks off. Templeton might as well be twirling his moustache right now, he seems so pleased and notably unsurprised. She pauses for a few beats, and Templeton smiles at her as she sends a glare in his direction. But after a beat, she begins her speech again, continuing flawlessly. Her speech is cut with coverage of a military helicopter leaving the USS Tarawa and the extraction of Oria Madula running exactly as planned. We see Templeton looking unimpressed as Mac continues: "God knows you and I have shed tears these past days. And more tears are to come. But soon we must return to the future." Ooh, are we going to see Doc and Marty? "And I will do my best to take you there. I am with you. I ask this Congress, I ask the Court, I ask my cabinet, I ask the people of the United States to stand with me now, unwavering, for in this house united, we will demonstrate our sovereignty of greatness. God bless Theodore Roosevelt Bridges and may his soul rest with the greatest of men. And God bless the United States of America. Thank you." Mac receives rousing applause. Templeton stands, and we see shots of Kelly and Vince looking proud. Templeton leans in and whispers in Mac's ear, "I will always be right behind you." I certainly bet he will. She smiles and nods, and he looks genuinely happy. Oh, let's see what shenanigans will ensue! She smiles, and seems to know she's facing a huge responsibility. The members of the Allen/Calloway family, Becca included, are all clapping and looking proud, and Mac looks happy. It's a great start, and if she can lead like she can speak, things just might turn out okay for this crazy country.

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Commander In Chief




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