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Later, a phone rings as Becca brings in Amy to say goodnight. Mac hugs and kisses her, and I have to say that Geena Davis did a really good job in this scene, as in the last, with alternating well between her two worlds and believably being both loving mother and hard-ass politician. As Amy runs out, Mac announces, "Guys, I'm going to take that NSC meeting by myself." Rod hangs up the phone and announces that the President is awake and wants to speak to Mac.

National Naval Medical Center, Bethesda, Maryland. At the door to Bridges's hospital room, Mac meets Jim, who reports that the President's doing pretty well, considering everything. She raises her eyebrows and is clearly a bit unsure about what will happen once she walks in. As she reaches for the door, Jim grabs her hand: "I love this man." "I know." I know what the writers were going for with this line, but right now I'm wondering just how much Jim might looooove this man, with that delivery.

Lying in bed, gauze around his head and tubes sticking out of his nose, is Teddy Roosevelt Bridges, President of the United States of America. Mac greets him: "Hey boss, how are you feeling?" Bridges: "Like crap." And to the credit of the show, he really does look like he came out of surgery. I think I've also possibly been watching too many soap operas where people come out of brain surgery in full makeup, with long flowing hair intact. Mac and Bridges talk, and he sighs, " finally took God to nail me." Mac looks concerned, but clearly is also trying to be strong for him. Bridges: "I hear you reorganized the sixth fleet while I was napping." Mac: "I was bored. I'd already read all the magazines on the plane." Bridges: "You're going to pluck her out, huh?" (Take that, Jim -- he did know exactly what she was doing.) Mac: "If given the opportunity." Bridges: "It's a mistake. You gave Jim Gardner a coronary." They share a chuckle -- oh, Jim, and your nervous, conservative ways. "I..." Bridges breathes heavily. "I want you to hear this from me. I want...I NEED you to resign." Mac looks upset and yet resigned. Until this point, I don't think she was convinced that these were really his wishes. "Sir, would you really rather have Nathan Templeton..." "You and I, Mac, we just see a different America. Templeton's an SOB and a liar and he cheats at poker, but he shares my vision, supports my will. Can you tell me, in your heart, that you'd do the same?" Bridges grunts in discomfort but manages to add with finality, "I will not resign until you do." Mac just looks sad.

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