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Templeton continues: "You know that your vice-presidency was never, ever intended to be a presidency. It was done as a stunt. I mean, you can see that. You're a female, you're an Independent. You're a teacher..." "University chancellor." "Well, philosopher-queen! The point is, it was all done as pure theater, and you got great reviews! But now you should get off the stage while the audience still loves you and before they figure out that your vice-presidency was a whole lot of nothing. Because when they figure out that go-away mission he sent you on to Al...Nigeria for...what's her name?" "Oria Madula..." Mac leads him, wondering where this is heading. Templeton: "It was supposed to be another piece of theater! But then you up and went to France to ask them for assistance. France? You asked guys who can't get elected without the Muslim vote to intercede in the verdict of Nigeria's Sharia court? Come on Mac, we're going to end up looking silly and ineffectual because you're never going to be able to save her and you're going to lose face. And for whom? A lady who wouldn't keep her legs together." At this, Mac folds the speech. Dum dum dum. Templeton's face drops from smarmy confidence to dawning realization. Mac: "Nate, I'm gonna go out there, and I'm gonna take the oath of office. I'm gonna run this government. And if some Islamic nations can't tolerate a female president, then I promise you, it will be more their problem than mine." She's convincing me, that's for sure. Nate is incredulous and angrily wants to know why Mac wants to be president. Mac: "For the same reason Teddy Bridges did. Because I believe the people of America deserve to have a president..." Templeton: "No. No. In this room, where it's just you and me, just the two of us, the answer that you should be giving me is that you want to be president because you want the power. You want the power to control the universe." Donald, you've got to remember to take out your new retainer before you film a scene so that we can understand what you're saying without the lisp. You sound like I did for the entire ninth grade, which detracts a little from the controlled fury. Mac: "That's not me." Templeton: "Well, that's the problem. That's what I'm telling you. People who don't want power have no idea WHAT TO DO WITH IT. They have no idea how to use it when they have it." For Mac, this subject is closed. Being a parent has trained her well for standing her ground on that point. Mac: "Mr. Speaker, I would very much like an invitation to address a Joint Session of Congress tomorrow night." Templeton: "Before the funeral?" Mac: "Before the markets open. We want to convince the world there's no crisis of leadership, right?" She just might know what she's doing.

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Commander In Chief




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