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Rod eyes a portrait of Nancy Reagan, who stares serenely over his shoulder. His brow is deeply furrowed. "Soon enough!" a lady chirps. Rod: "What?" "Your painting will be up there soon enough. I'm Nora Woodruff, I run the First Lady's staff and also the Office of Protocol it's just awful about the President isn't it look the First Lady came to me -- I'm sorry, Mrs. Bridges -- and she outright told me that the nation needs to move on and I should get with you right away. May I show you to your office? Great." This lady needs an emotion chip so that she can interact a little more naturally in social situations, or, if she is in fact human, to decrease her speed intake just a tad.

"Ladies and gentlemen, the President of the United States." Jim calls Mac to the room and she greets the table. As she enters, Jim hands her a letter, which she skims before asking that the meeting be closed to all but cabinet members. As the media files out, she invites General Pollack to stay. She takes back the letter she just read, which is a resignation from the Secretary of Labor, effective immediately. She looks around the silent table, and asks if there is anyone else: "I'm here. I can accept resignations live and in person." Melanie looks like she's impressed with this woman's moxie. Mac presidentially delivers a speech to the cabinet, assuring them that they were all picked to be a team, and that she wants things to stay that way: "Now, we can remain a team, but it's up to you. Because I do not intend to make any changes." Jim looks a little bit sheepish, but like he's also becoming a little bit interested in what Mac might have to say. She asks once again for everyone to follow their convictions and let her know if they want to resign. No one says a word.

"Oh. That's uh. Very, uh. Pink." Rod is not wrong about the color of his new office. I wouldn't be surprised if he turned to see a painting of a kitten in a gilded frame. Nora offers, "Well, Mrs. Clinton had her office in the west wing. That didn't go over very well." She shakes her head quickly, almost spastically. "I think staying here like a traditional First Lady is a splendid idea." Nora, can you go reboot yourself and run a search and replace to begin calling him the First Gentleman? Let's all make a little effort, here. Rod agrees to stay, grimacing. Nora: "After the funeral, we'll discuss what kind of staff you'll be needing. Do you think it will be more than twenty?" He opens his mouth, and before a sound can be uttered, Nora continues, "Mrs. Clinton haaaad twenty. That didn't go over very well. Folks on the hill thought it was, you know, a waste of tax dollars." Rod knows when he can't win, and just replies, "Well, you know, I, uh...think that we should maybe wait until the president has delivered her speech." "Ooooh!" This is a seriously Phoebe Buffay moment. This woman is doing Lisa Kudrow as Phoebe playing this role. "Is she giving a speech?" Because that's just the cutest little idea Nora's ever heard! Rod is completely baffled at this point: "Yes, uh, to the Congress. We're working on it, so..." Nora: "Really, are you going to be involving yourself in matters like that?" Let me guess, he's pulling another Hillary, isn't he?

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Commander In Chief




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