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On this week's previously on segment, Probst says that the entire game has centered around NaOnka, Marty, and Sash. I'm sorry, but according to the editing, Brenda was the one making things happen and not Sash, who only showed up like last week and now apparently gets credit for everything Brenda set up for him. And then it's Day 19 at La Flor. Vultures pick at a carcass of some kind of alligator pig thing on the beach as Marty misses Jill, whines about the bad position he's in, and hates Jane. Marty's situation immediately improves when Jud arrives with the latest treemail, which contains a small key and a note telling the tribe to pack up their belongings and head over to Camp Espada for the merge. Marty is thrilled, saying that he's anticipating the original La Flor kid alliance to implode in on itself and start voting each other out. But first, the La Flor six huddle together and swear allegiance to each other even though they all know that means absolutely nothing and they have no intention of honoring that promise.

Espada find a large locked chest at their treemail box. There's a note on top telling them that "company" will be "arriving soon" with the key. They immediately realize that this means there's a merge happening. "Here?" NaOnka asks, so clearly disappointed to still be stuck at horrible Espada Beach. As they walk back to camp to await the new arrivals, Alina says they should plan what to do and how to keep their core six strong against their new tribe members. Ben interviews that he's ready to start playing an individual game at this point, and has no intention of playing it with Alina, who he says you can "see right through" and should have gone home a long time ago. "She's definitely outlasted her expected time in this game and I think everyone agrees it's time for her to go home," he says over a shot of the remaining Espada members walking on the beach with Dan lagging behind them, his expected time in this game so obviously having been outlasted. And yet, he's still there and no one's bringing his name up. And for this, he is slowly but surely becoming one of my favorite players this season. Which isn't saying much, since pretty much everyone cast this season is either insane or horrible or both, but still. Alina leads an Espada team meeting where she stresses the importance of the six of them staying strong and not switching sides. The other five just sit there and listen but are obviously not interested in anything she has to say. Alina continues that they should focus on taking Marty out first because he has the idol and they think he's the "head honcho" at La Flor despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary. NaOnka sits in one of her now-trademark awkward interview positions with symbolic pointy background flora (this time she's stuck in between the branches of a tree with spikes on it) and tells us that no one is down with Alina's plan, not even "Uncle Dan." NaOnka says Alina is a "one woman army," then repeats this like seven times.

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