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Space-Invading Bed Intruders

Erica is getting dolled up for the gala. She cocks and loads her weapon into her garter holster as Joe (who has no day job, I guess) ogles her from the couch. He can't help but sulkishly point out that she never dressed like that while they were married. Instead of shooting him in the face, Erica smiles and thanks him for noticing and then offers to let him sleep over since it's such a long ride back up to wherever it is that he lives. Did she mention that Tyler is sleeping over at Lisa's? So they'll have the whole house to themselves and if he keeps complimenting her, maybe something something will happen and she will pretend he is Father Jack and then wake up feeling dirty and have to use her iPhone confessional app one hundred times and then give herself a Silkwood shower and cry. Obviously he says yes, yes, a thousand times yes.

Anna is all ready for her gala, but before she gets her final Aqua Net and Vaseline, first she calls Ryan up for a quick meeting. Ryan stands holding his daughter while Anna berates him for questioning his allegiance to his race and not infiltrating deeply enough (not a euphemism) into the Fifth Column. She planned the gala last minute specifically to prevent any organized attacks. It's a good thing Ryan went to the same acting school as everyone else on this show or else he might have cracked a smirk that Anna was totally going to be dead tonight. Ryan's kid cries, but not because she is a baby, but because she is in pain from the nebulous disease that Anna gave her that makes her cry. She is NOT crying because she is a baby, stop thinking that THIS INSTANT. Ryan begs Anna to bliss her and make the pain go away and Anna does... this time. She tells Ryan to get her Eli Cohen or else his daughter will continue to cry inexplicably. BUT NOT BECAUSE SHE IS A BABY. Anna raises her eyebrows and glares at Ryan so he knows this is an actual threat. Anna walks off while Ryan checks his kid's diaper to see if that's why she's crying.

At the gala, the security team is out in full force and all the guests are going through metal detectors. Erica is assessing the scene when her partner finds her actually at work. He is shocked and tries to make small talk to cover the stunned look on his face. Erica says something vaguely disingenuous and insulting about Anna always getting what she wants and Bolling stares blankly. Then Erica stares at him blankly and then we cut to Chad staring blankly whilst sipping champagne. Behind Chad's head a shadow breaks from the background getting closer and closer and closer. It's Lady Chad! She is so totally stalking him right now. Chad stares at her and demands to know how she got in to the gala. She points out that as her job is to cover Anna, she thought she should come to the event. Then she asks Chad to introduce her to Anna, but he just, you know, stares at her blankly.

Outside, Eli Cohen and Kyle pull up in a van. Inside, Chad has gone ahead and introduced his doppelganger to Anna and being, perhaps, a proper journalist, she has used the moment to ask Anna a tough question: What is the motive behind all the gifts the Visitors have given the earthlings? Off the record, of course. Anna squints slightly and then assures Lady Chad that in their culture, gifts are simply given, without motive. They are of peace, always. Then she excuses herself because it's her party and she'll lie if she wants to.

Erica is still surveying the crowd, but pauses to text Father Jack on her disposable cell phone. He starts his protest and Erica sends Bolling and a bunch of security to deal with the situation. Then she goes to let Eli and Kyle into the building. They make a beeline for a roost to take down the queen. Chad Decker is apparently working at the gala as Ryan watches him on the television set in his depressing hotel room as Anna presents Concordia to the world. As Anna moves through the crowd and Kyle gets her in his sights, Ryan starts to hear voices. Specifically, Anna's voice reminding him that the only reason his daughter cries is because she is sick (not because she is a baby) and only Anna's bliss can heal her.

Inside the gala, No. 2 makes a gesture and Anna is surrounded by guards. He tells her that Eli Cohen is there waiting to assassinate her. She shrugs and wants to proceed, but No. 2 insists that she allow him the honor of taking her place. Erica notices something is up and alerts Eli and Kyle that someone must have tipped the Visitors off. Kyle and Eli exchange a look but want to proceed with their plan with Marcus as the target. He's the No.2 in the organization and they will never have this chance again. Erica doesn't take much convincing, but then Tyler is introduced as the first human to ever pilot a V shuttle and he walks out on stage with a big doofy grin on his face. Eli swears they can still make the shot and while Erica isn't thrilled about a 'splosion right next to her baby, she is willing to risk it. Besides, it's just Tyler. So Tyler stands next to No.2 as Kyle draws a bead on his head. Then for some reason, Erica runs up to join Tyler on stage and No. 2 introduces her as the mother of the first human to fly a V shuttle AND the head of the V taskforce and declares it to be a special moment. Erica hugs Tyler and then Kyle shoots Marcus in the heart. Erica and Tyler are covered in fake (real?) red blood as chaos breaks out and No.2 lies bleeding. Erica draws her weapon as Kyle and Eli make like a tree and leave the scene. Anna is escorted onto a shuttle and as the door closes, she glares at Erica who is once again prioritizing her family over her job and hugging her son instead of hunting down the criminals who ruined an otherwise perfectly lovely evening.

Anna is staring blankly (naturally) when Mr. Turtleneck finds her to give the report that Marcus is alive, but in critical condition. Yes, despite their healing technologies. Adding to Anna's no good very bad day, Tyler has decided not to join the shuttle program, what with people targeting aliens and their sympathizers. All this sorrow and hardship must have given Anna a new sense of maturity, because she doesn't kill the messenger with her prehensile tail, but instead asks him to be her new No. 2. He nods.

On earth, Joe is congratulating Tyler on his first choice as a man, which was to run and hide away from all the loud noises and guns and mean shooty people. When Tyler saw the blood splatter on his mother, he suddenly realized that he likes his family and doesn't want them to be assaulted by bears or set upon by bees. Joe can't wait to be a family again. Erica brings out a chocolate birthday cake to cement the new bond.

While Erica plays housewife, her partner, Creepypants Bolling, is sitting in the dark at FBI HQ and flipping through Erica's file muttering to himself. Their boss finds him and points out that he and Erica are lucky to still have jobs after the Visitors' vice president almost got assassinated on their watch. Bolling does what comes natural and blames Erica. He shows the boss a picture of Erica taken that day. She is talking with Father Jack when she was supposed to be with Tyler and, you know, working. Bolling points out that this was a coordinated attack that was professionally executed. He wants to launch an investigation into Agent Erica Evans.

At the church, Father Jack gets a stern talking to from Father "Not Dead Yet" Travis who is very disappointed in him. He reminds Jack that the Vatican made it clear that if priests spoke out against the Visitors they would be defrocked. Father Jack nods because he understands, but tells Father Travis that the Vatican can take his collar, but not his faith.

Up on the ship, Anna finds Ryan cradling his crying daughter. She yells at him for not alerting her sooner to the plot. His dilly-dallying may cost Marcus his life. Ryan swears it was all a big misunderstanding and he has learned his lesson, thought about what he has done, and the mistake will never happen again. Can she bliss his daughter now? Or maybe change her diaper? Anna grabs the kid, rolls her eyes like an annoyed mother, and bli

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