Cougar, Cougar, Burning Bright

by Zach Oat September 24, 2009
Fall Pilot Season: Cougar Town

That night, Jules tells Travis she'll try not to make his life any more difficult than it already is. He goes out with a friend, but not before asking if she wants him to stick around and hang out with her. She says go, and looks sad until the moment his friend's Jeep pulls away, then she takes off her robe, and the young guy comes in from the pool. Moving fast, she hands him some wine, tells him to go upstairs and light some candles, locks the front door, and checks herself in the mirror before heading upstairs to get herself some.

Man, I really wasn't expecting to like this show, but it's pretty hysterical, especially Laurie and Travis and Bobby and Ellie, who I always loved on Scrubs. And Courtney Cox is looking pretty good for her age. At the very least, it's much, much better than Dirt.

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