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The remaining three at Matsing are huddled in their shelter, shivering and hiding from the rain. They work together to try to get a fire lit, but I don't know if their coals are just too wet or their kindling is because it's not working. So they only have cold rice to eat. It's weirdly silent while they are doing these tasks -- no score or talking, which just makes it seem more sad and desolate.

Malcolm interviews that things are bad, but it will only take one win to turn things around. Denise interviews that this isn't what she envisioned at all. The three of them huddle in their shelter, avoiding the endless rain. Denise interviews that they talk and laugh but then silence will descend and she's thinking about how she's going to continue in the game. She also knows that three is a bad number for any group, because one person is always on the outskirts. The three of them discuss that they need to mount a comeback, because there's no other option. Russell interviews that he plans to mount a comeback and he knows his remaining tribemates won't quit on him and he knows he won't quit. Well, I'm convinced. Just hand them the immunity idol right now, right?

Meanwhile, Tandang is also suffering in the rain. They have more people in a small shelter and they seem to be getting on one another's nerves, since they're pretty much trapped there. The rain lets up a little and they all gather around as Artis starts a fire using magnesium. So Artis does have a purpose! I just learned his name, so I was hoping he would do something worth writing about. Pete interviews that he likes his standing in his tribe so far and he plans to create a little chaos to keep everyone else mixed up.

Then there's this really weirdly edited segment. The gist of it is that Abi spots a piece of paper lying in the shelter, realizes it's the clue that she and RC hid together, and calls it out in front of everyone instead of sticking it back in RC's bag and asking her about it later. Abi makes it out like she didn't know what it was, but I don't get why she told everyone else it was there too. And the whole segment was edited where there were a ton of voice-overs, as if they didn't get the actual discovery on tape and had to re-enact it later or something. Anyway, RC has to pretend she doesn't know what it is either, and reads the clue out loud to the entire tribe.

So Abi's theory is that RC went and dug up the clue from where they buried it together and stuck it in her bag. Why would RC do that? To show someone else on the tribe? Anyway, it just cements Abi's assertion that she can't trust RC. Of course, Abi ignores the fact that she already betrayed RC by finding the Idol with Pete and not telling her; she still manages to get extra angry about RC's betrayal. RC interviews that she doesn't know how the clue got there, but she knows that Abi finding it means that she's fucked. Pete interviews that he planted the clue in RC's bag. So then they're all lying in the shelter and Abi won't shut up about how she can't trust RC as she snuggles up to Pete. At least Abi is keeping her emotions in check and under wraps.

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