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Sniff sniff. Do you smell ass?

We're in Koreatown, Los Angeles. Isabella and Jack show up at some building, and Isabella tells the guard at the door that the "Black Sparrow seeks an audience with Mr. Cho." Obviously, she's the Black Sparrow, because the guard immediately gets that he should let her in. He wants to announce her, but she prefers to enter unannounced, and barges her way in with Jack hot on her heels. Inside, a nice Asian man in a yellow jacket is enjoying a lovely tray of sushi that is being fed to him by a delightful young female companion. This seems to be some sort of sushi/Korean barbeque establishment, because there's a grill built into Mr. Cho's table. Mmmm...Korean barbeque. I think I have to go make a phone call...

Isabella greets Mr. Cho warmly and apologizes for interrupting his din-din. He's all, Iz! Whassup! Thought you were never coming back to the States! What brings you to my hovel, beeyatch? Have a seat! Isabella sits as Jack watches warily. Cho tells his girl to leave, and she does. Isabella's all, dude? This ain't a social visit. You have a debt to pay and I'm here to collect. I need an extraction. She means Syd and Vaughn, of course. Cho's all, uh, no can do, dude. Isabella seems to ponder this idea, then decides that stabbing Cho in the hands with a couple of barbeque skewers trumps pondering any damn day. Jack goes to town on the guards in the back of the room.

"This is not a negotiation," Isabella says to Cho. In the back, Jack continues fighting, getting in some good hits, until one of the guards stabs him in the side with a switchblade. Jack still manages to drop all of the guards, though, stab wound be damned! Cho still thinks the Korean job will be too dangerous. Isabella grabs his head and shoves it close to the grill. It sizzles appealingly. Or maybe I just need a snack. Isabella's not concerned with the repercussions of the Korean job. She just wants it done, and she wants it done now. Cho finally agrees to help. Isabella drops an envelope onto the table next to Cho's skewered hands and tells him that it contains everything he needs to know about the extraction. She cocks her head to the right like a curious puppy. "Don't fail me," she says softly, and you know, even though she's all quiet and shit, that she could mess this guy up even more so than she already has. Damn. Jack just leans forward as Isabella passes him and kind of goes, yeah! We'll be in touch! Or she'll be in touch! Or, like, doesn't she kick all kinds of ASS? Heh.

Gah-Li. I'm assuming we're still in Korea. There are chickens and Asian people in knit caps, so, yeah, I think we're still in Korea. Syd and Vaughn pull up, just two extremely white Caucasian-type people in a goddamn North Korean jeep. Nothin' to see here, folks. Nothing at all. Nothing out of the ordinary. Move along, please. Syd looks over and sees three sugar cubes sitting on a table and Griffin Dunne sitting with them. Guess he's the defector or something. Vaughn wants to get a move on. Before they can walk over to Griffin, however, Sark shows up and shakes Griffin's hand. Guess he's acting as the CIA contact or something. I dunno. All Syd and Vaughn can do is watch as Sark takes their man.

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