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Cruel And Unusual

Cut to Dalgety parting ways with Lumley before the man's surgery. He tells the patient that he'll see him post-op. He turns to Yang and thanks her, saying he hopes she doesn't get in too much trouble with Posner. Yang smiles that it was worth it. Oh, gag. Dalgety moves to get on the elevator when a nurse stops him to ask if he'd like to sign a card for Hickenlocher, who was killed in a car accident. I'm not sure why they'd be sending a card to someone who's been killed, but whatever. A nurse laments that it's "always the nice ones." Dalgety shoots Yang a knowing look and lets the elevator doors close without signing the card.

Downstairs in the lounge, he finds Donge waiting for him. Donge asks to have a word. Dalgety says it has to be quick, because he's due in surgery. Donge, triumphant, says, "It's not Lumley, is it? Because his case has been canceled." Dalgety seethes, "He has stones!" Donge dismisses it, saying that Lumley doesn't have a gall bladder. Dalgety gives him a quick lesson, telling him that Lumley's got a bile duct stricture. Donge asks if that's bad. Dalgety nods and says that Lumley "could get septic and die." He adds, "His gatekeeper missed the diagnosis. A complete incompetent named Hickenlocher." Donge squirms. Dalgety says that he's going to call the medical board as soon as he's finished with the surgery, but Donge quickly assures him that that's not necessary, since Hickenlocher's dead and there's no point smearing the man's memory. Donge adds that the important thing is that the error was found and the patient is going to get surgery. Dalgety eyes him warily and asks after the rest of Hickenlocher's patients. Donge says they'll get six months of premium coverage for free. Dalgety feigns concern, saying, "These people lost their doctor. Don't you think a year of platinum deluxe would be more appropriate?" Dalgety feels the vise around his balls, but tries not to flinch. "Done," he snips. Dalgety looks quite smug as he heads off to surgery.

Joyner chases down Levi in an elevator. She catches the doors just before they close and stands in the doorway, assuring him, "I'm not lonely." Mmm-hmm. Then your "friend" needs new batteries. Levi removes his headphones and looks at her questioningly. "I'm. Not. Lonely," she repeats. "I'm a successful professional woman who is single by choice. And if you think I'm one to be pitied just because I choose not to date every two-bit loser in town, then...screw you!" She waits for the fireworks. "I guess I was wrong," Levi says mildly. She tries to hide her surprise. "That's right!" she exclaims, turns on her heel, and strides away. Levi watches her admiringly and calls out, "So you're definitely single, then!" She pauses, turns to shoot him a "dream on" look, and continues to walk away. Levi does not look discouraged.

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