Cruel And Unusual

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Cruel And Unusual

After the break, we find Dalgety and Yang descending upon a nurses' station, asking to see Hickenlocher. They're told he's not there. Yang asks when he makes his rounds. They're informed that Hickenlocher doesn't actually make rounds. Dalgety can't quite grasp how a doctor can get away with not seeing his patients. The nurses don't know, but they do know that he's perfect when it comes to ordering tests, meals, discharges, and anything else involving paperwork. They explain that Hickenlocher answers his patients' questions via email, and that he's always quick and complete. Dalgety's beeper interrupts the Hickenlocher lovefest, and Yang says she's got to do her morning rounds. Dalgety says they can't send Lumley home without tests, and tells Yang to keep trying to track down Hickenlocher. She calls Sutro Medical, and is told by a recording that her call is important to them.

Cut to Pangborn and Coones in a corridor. Pangborn is griping about Pruitt, and asks why he couldn't have just died before he became their problem. Coco overhears her grousing and reminds her that Pruitt is constitutionally entitled to medical care. Pangborn zings, "But is he constitutionally entitled to critique my anatomy?" Well, what can Coco say to that? Pangborn huffs off with Coones, leaving Joyner to check with Coco about Pruitt's condition. She notes from his file that he's already had a couple expensive-sounding cardiac procedures. She adds bitterly that he has better health insurance than half her patients. They catch up to Pangborn and Coones, and Coco smirks, "This must be really hard for you." Pangborn asks what she means. "Having to treat a patient you'd rather see dead," Coco answers. Pangborn suggests to Coones that they go check the mold in the east wing. Her tone makes it clear that she finds the mold more palatable than Pruitt.

Joyner wanders into Pruitt's room, her nose buried in his file. She starts when she spots the security stud inside the doorway. Pruitt complains, "I'm hungry, nurse." Joyner snits that she's a doctor. Pruitt snorts dubiously. He makes another inappropriate remark, and Levi steps forward to put him in line. "What's the matter, boy?" Pruitt taunts. Joyner pointedly asks Levi to check the restraints. When she's sure the cracker is secured, Joyner steps forward with her stethoscope. Noticing the huge cross tattooed on his chest, she asks sarcastically, "Found Jesus, did you, Mr. Pruitt?" He laughs derisively and says something about winning points with "Bible-thumping review boards." He's a bad, bad man who does not deserve a new heart.

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