Cruel And Unusual

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Cruel And Unusual

Cut to Farrell's room, where Kellerman and Joyner are breaking it to the dying man and his wife that they're getting stiffed by a convicted murderer. Much tugging of heartstrings ensues. Mr. Farrell is, naturally, a family man, a "good" man, with three daughters. "Doesn't that count for something?" Mrs. Farrell asks. Joyner can't answer, and neither can Kellerman. Mrs. Farrell throws up her arms in disgust and seethes at her husband's bedside. Kellerman makes for the door, and starts to say that he's sorry. "Don't even!" Mrs. Farrell snarks. Kellerman looks hangdog.

Yang, meanwhile, is setting the trap. She sidles up to Donge in a corridor and introduces herself. She tries a little flattery, complimenting his knowledge of PDAs. She says she was thinking of a Palm Pilot, and Donge shakes his head at her naiveté. He tells her, "Go with the TechBook 3000 Mini-tool. That's what I use." Yang drops her voice an octave in an attempt to sound sultry, and asks if she can see his mini-tool. Donge, unconscious of the overture, affably whips it out. Yang admires the tool, resting her hand familiarly on his shoulder. "It's so big," she murmurs. Yang stares at Donge's mouth as he informs her that he keeps everything in it. He finally figures out that she's coming on to him. Fishlips conveniently pops out of a room behind them and spots Yang hanging off Donge. "Doctor Yang, Mr. Donge," she snaps. The two spin around. Fishlips says coldly that she hopes she's not interrupting anything. Donge stammers, "Aileen, hi," and explains that he was just showing Yang the mini-tool. Fishlips is impassive. Yang says that she should get back to the ward, and breathily thanks Donge. Fishlips watches it all with a suspicious glare.

"Aileen," Yang whispers to Dalgety. He doesn't get it. "Aileen Poole," Yang says. It takes him a second to make the connection. A moment later, we see them accessing the Hickenlocher program. Yang says she guesses that Donge and Fishlips have something going. Dalgety ponders it for a second before shuddering and saying, "Prrrobably best not to think about it." Perfect, I won't. Dalgety turns his attention back to the computer and makes Hickenlocher order an ultrasound for Lumley.

Cut to Kellerman in his office, in front of his computer. He's staring at an online newspaper article describing Pruitt's crime. The young couple he killed smile out from Kellerman's screen. Donge pops his head in the door to tell Kellerman that he "admires [his] principles." Kellerman looks less than thrilled to hear it. You can see a picture of his son strategically placed on the cabinet behind him. The kid who, for all we've seen, is still sitting on a soccer field somewhere, waiting for Kellerman to pick him up. Donge adds that he knows what it's like to have to make unpopular decisions. "If it makes you feel any better, I would have done the same thing." Kellerman just stares at him. "We have more in common than I thought," Donge says before turning to leave. Shouldn't Kellerman need a shower after hearing that? Well?

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