Cruel And Unusual

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Cruel And Unusual

Mr. Farrell's heart gives out. A team works frantically around him while his wife stands in the background. Shouldn't they have kicked her out of the room? Oh, but then she wouldn't be able to grab Kellerman's arm and grit, "Save. My. Husband."

Cut to a shadowy corridor, where Mrs. Farrell and Joyner wait anxiously. Kellerman sidles out in his scrubs. The ladies pop out of their seats, and Kellerman assures them that Farrell is fine. He tosses out some jargon, and Joyner translates that Farrell's on a pump to help his heart until they can get a donor. Joyner is wearing very high heels. While shoes like that may get Kellerman's attention, they don't seem like a good choice for a woman who's on her feet all day. Mrs. Farrell asks if she can see her husband, and Kellerman directs her to the I.C.U. "I guess I should thank you," she says, which doesn't sound like much of a thank you at all. She leaves Kellerman and Joyner standing there. Joyner says that Farrell's now sicker than Pruitt, so he goes back to the top of the list. Kellerman promises that Farrell gets the next heart. "At least it goes to someone who deserves it," Joyner says, and walks away.

Lumley's ultrasound shows that his bile duct is dilated, which means he'll need to get an X-ray to pinpoint where the blockage is. Yang calls to book one, but finds out that they'll have to wait until the next day. Dalgety tells Lumley that he'll have to spend the night. He hops on the computer and gets Hickenlocher to order up a private room for Lumley. While he's at it, he upgrades the care for all of Hickenlocher's patients.

Cut to Yang wheeling Lumley to his private room, while men in white shirts, vests, and bow ties wheel carts with silver meal covers and fresh flowers to various rooms. What is this, the Ritz? Yang spots Donge and Fishlips and ducks into an alcove with Lumley.

Fishlips asks Donge if Hickenlocher's death toll is about the same as that of a real doctor, and he assures her that it is, "give or take a few percentage points." He adds that the difference isn't enough to cancel out "the potential savings." They arrive at her office, where they bid one another good night. Donge heads to the elevators and overhears the nurses talking about Hickenlocher's largesse with the meals. He freezes. The camera zooms in on his pinched face at breakneck speed. Fishlips pokes her head out of her office to be sure she heard correctly. Donge tries not to faint.

Cut to Levi in the midst of changing his role from security stud to busybody Bible-thumper. He's reading Bible passages to the unconscious Pruitt when Kellerman walks in and stops short at the scene. Levi explains that Pruitt woke up a while ago and looked scared. "And reading the Bible to him, that calmed him down?" Kellerman asks dubiously. Levi admits it didn't calm Pruitt, but it calmed him down. I wonder whether Levi has a Jesus fish on his car. He stares at Pruitt and says, "I found myself hating this man. But that would be too easy." I find not giving a flying fart one way or the other much easier, myself. Kellerman tells him not to stop reading on his account. He makes himself look busy with Pruitt's file, but really he's listening to the Bible stuff about forgiveness and trying to act like he's not having a revelation of some sort. Whatever. Joyner pops her head in the room to let him know that a heart is available. Kellerman flies into action, saying that they've got to get Farrell ready. "'And You forgave the guilt of my sin,'" Levi concludes.

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