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Down With Robot Clark

Clark is still flying. He's thinking, "That was the best heroin ever!"

MamaKent is on the phone, telling somebody that whatever she's talking about can't wait a few days. She needs to speak with someone, regarding Clark. Lois Lane, wearing a tight red top, says, "Hey," in the doorway. She lets herself in without being invited, so we know she's not a vampire, at least. Lois cheerily says she tried calling earlier and kept getting a busy signal. "I don't know how you survive without Call Waiting!" she says. MamaKent looks completely stunned. "Where's Clark?" Lois chirps, looking around the living room and kitchen. MamaKent lies that Clark is upstairs sleeping. She blocks the stairs so that Lois won't go up. Lois spots some coffee brewing and says she's been dying for a cup all day. She calls Smallville "the town that Starbucks forgot." She heard the only coffee shop in town shut down. "The Falcon, or something?" Hee. MamaKent starts to try to throw Lois out. Lois interrupts her to say that she's looking for clues in Chloe's death. "I'm so sorry for your loss," MamaKent says, concerned. Lois is like, "Yeah, well. Whatever." She asks if Clark and Chloe were ever an item. MamaKent says, "For about a minute." Lois jokes about falling for "the farmboy type." MamaKent says that can happen to the best of us. "Give me a nerd with glasses any day of the week," says Lois. MamaKent has cheered up considerably, and tries to hook her son up, even though he's not speaking to her. "Clark has many sides," says MamaKent. Yet they're all square. "Yeah, I've seen several of them already," Lois jokes before quickly moving on to the next subject. She asks, speaking of which, if Clark will be "up" anytime soon. Hee, again. Lois gets serious. She says that Clark is her only hope in solving Chloe's murder. The FBI closed the inquest and ruled the house explosion an accident. "How many gas leaks do you know of in a safe house?" Lois asks. She says that in two weeks, Papa Luthor will walk free. Near tears, she says that Chloe's death will have been for nothing. MamaKent says she'll have Clark call if he remembers anything. She doesn't ask for a number, though. Lois says that in Chloe's notes, she mentioned that MamaKent used to work for Papa Luthor. She asks how MamaKent got away unscathed. "I didn't," she says. MamaKent takes her coffee cup and says, "Goodbye, Lois."

Lex's fast jet. He's still holding that glowing piece of...what is it, white Kryptonite? He's got his shirt open, and the doctor is checking medical equipment. The pilot notices a blip on the radar. It's fast approaching. The co-pilot says, "What is it? Bird? Plane?" It's a flying piece of cheese! Hooooly shit! Evil Robot Clark flies toward the plane. He grabs the side door and pulls it right off. Lex and the doctor fly around the cabin. Clark struggles into the plane, and then just stands up neatly, unaffected by wind or anything else. He raises a hand and, Jedi-like, pulls the clear shard toward himself. The piece flies through a door and into Clark's waiting hand. Lex looks up, and it's sort of up for debate as to whether he sees Clark here or not. It looks like he didn't, but you never know. We cut away from Lex's eye peering through the hole in the door toward the spot where Clark was just standing. Commercials.

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