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Crush Girl Love Panic

Shane's school. Shane is walking down the hall when he sees Gretchen at her locker. He walks toward her in slow motion, but just when he's getting up the nerve to talk to her, he sees a couple of his douchey "friends" watching them, so he freaks out and kicks Gretchen in the shin. Gretchen grabs her leg, the friends laugh, and Shane runs away to hate himself in private.

Nancy arrives at the grow house to find Conrad -- in full view of the front door, by the way -- spritzing a bunch of wee plants with a spray bottle. Nancy brightly asks after "the kids," and Conrad mumbles that they'll see how they do. Nancy, recognizing the cold shoulder when she gets it, asks what's wrong, and Conrad tells her he's been thinking about how they managed not to get taken down in the raid. Nancy quietly says that they were lucky -- her face betraying how little even she thinks this gambit will work -- and sure enough, Conrad says he doesn't believe in luck. Nancy meets Conrad's eye unflinchingly and invites him to ask him anything he wants to know. Conrad asks how their "Armenian problem" has evaporated. Nancy reminds him that she said she'd take care of it. Conrad guesses that she's "still fucking that DEA guy," and Nancy breathes that it's not like that: "He's on our side." Even as she says it, she looks like she realizes how idiotic it sounds. Conrad tells her that she lied to him when she told him Peter didn't know what she did, and Nancy babbles out a convoluted explanation of the timeline of what Peter knew and when he knew it, her point being that it wasn't a lie when she told it. Conrad asks how she can be sure they're okay, and Nancy says that she has insurance. Conrad jokes bitterly that State Farm has a get-out-of-jail-free policy, and Nancy, her voice breaking, says that she married Peter. Conrad looks like Nancy just kicked the wind out of him, and she stammeringly explains that it's a marriage of convenience, given that now Peter can't be forced to testify against her, and you know, she keeps saying that, but that doesn't preclude him from testifying against her voluntarily. Nancy adds that, what with Peter being a DEA agent married to a drug dealer and fully cognizant of her illegal activities, their marriage is a form of mutually assured destruction. Eh, I guess. Anyway, Nancy's point is that they're safe. Conrad says that she is, but that there's no ring on his finger. Nancy, hurt, says that they're partners, and Conrad asks why, then, every move she makes "digs [his] grave." Nancy, moving toward the door, says that Peter doesn't know about Conrad, but Conrad asks how long that can possibly last. He adds that Heylia was right: "You just open your big brown eyes and me? I just fall into shit!" Nancy slinks out, knowing Conrad is right. Conrad stares after her, wondering why he never thought to explain to her why having a relationship with an officer of the law was a bad idea.

Celia finds Dean polishing a new motorcycle in the atrium. He tells her he bought it with his money: his new job is managing Isabelle. Celia's not happy. But Celia doesn't have much recourse.

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