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A Horrible Boor

Factory Of The B-Plot. Token and Sevilla enter some sort of tool-and-die warehouse-and-metal-shop to interview one Lorenzo Castenotto, the owner of Rancid Man's vehicle of doom. Larry, as he likes to be called, apparently owns the metalworks as well, for he's clad in a Hawaiian shirt, practicing his putting while all around him blue-collar types weld things. Larry's pretty blasé about the whole car thing, as he's already received a check "from the insurance." Token throws him off his game, however, when he makes mention of the car key found on the corpse in Larry's trunk. Token and Sevilla thoughtfully provide Larry with a gruesome autopsy photograph of the corpse in question, wondering if Larry might be able to ID Rancid Man. Larry, of course, cannot, and in fact drops the photo to the floor while choking back vomit. Token stoops to retrieve the photograph, and notices a conveniently-placed bobbly hula girl of the type so popular with gentlemen who favor Hawaiian shirts. Token slyly connects the bobbly hula girl to the adhesive he found on the death car's dashboard, and politely asks if he can escort the bobbly hula girl back to the CSI lab. Larry protests mightily, wresting the bobbly hula girl from Token's hand. Sevilla snidely notes that they'll be returning with a warrant, as if they've ever had need of warrants on this show before. Then again, she's not Jo-Jo The Omnipotent Sack-Faced Blowhard, so perhaps she must rely upon proper legal channels to retrieve her evidence. Larry's all, "Bring it on!" and waves them out of his factory. Outside, Sevilla and Token blather about Larry's suspicious behavior before heading off in separate directions.

Lab. With an assist from Calleigh, Jo-Jo The Omnipotent Sack-Faced Blowhard matches Whack Job's implements to wounds found on the partially-buried Dalmatian from the top of the hour. Jo-Jo The Omnipotent Sack-Faced Blowhard also extracts one of those doggie detector microchips from the Dalmatian's scalp. Using a handy microchip reader that just happens to be wired to the appropriate centralized database, Jo-Jo The Omnipotent Sack-Faced Blowhard learns that "Fisher" the "Dalmation" was owned by one Ginny Taylor of 1021 Laurence Street. For those of you who've grown attached to Fisher during his brief time on screen and wish to know everything about him, I'll also note that he was fond of bacon. If you want his date of birth, you're going to have to get your own damn copy of this episode. The final line before the commercial break? Is Jo-Jo The Omnipotent Sack-Faced Blowhard's. "So now her relationship with the professor officially becomes our business. Good." Ten for eleven. Jackass.

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