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The husband: They're letting a confessed murderer attend the funeral mass of a priest?
Me: Well, I guess if he confessed and truly repented of his sin, it's possible. It doesn't seem to be in good taste, what with his mom having killed the deceased.
The husband: No, no, no. They're letting a confessed murderer attend the funeral mass of a priest?
Me: Forgiveness and redemption are big themes, you know. I just wonder how the rest of the parish feels about this.

Well, since that parish evidently includes Horatio and Megan, I'm guessing that the answer is "broody." As the funeral procession passes, I wonder if Megan is mentally comparing her husband's funeral to this one. Anyway, Cameron reaches the narthex of the church and is met by Sevilla and a deputy; evidently, he's going back to juvie as soon as he takes off the robes. As "Amazing Grace" winds down, Horatio leaves the picture of the hypothetical toddler at the foot of a statue of the Virgin Mary. And this episode ends, leaving many things -- among them, how the allegedly guilty Jeffrey would have done any number of things that led to the murder of Lisa, what a condom was doing in Father Carlos's pocket, why someone guilty of the mortal sin of murder was attending a priest's funeral, how folic acid levels are directly linked to a specific stage in pregnancy -- unexplained.

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