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Back on the show, Alexx is rolling over Father Carlos -- who apparently followed the Way of the Parrothead before converting to Catholicism, if the tattoo on his bicep is any indication -- while Megan sits there and ponders whatever it is she thinks about in her spare time. Horatio hunkers on Alexx's formerly free side and asks Speedle, who's about seven feet in front of him, what it looks like. "It" apparently refers to the partial prints on the coffee table. Speedle's marvelously surly. We zoom back to Alexx, who tells us that Father Carlos's liver temp (82 degrees Fahrenheit) indicates that he was probably killed between 9 PM and midnight. And then we zoom to Horatio, who announces the genesis of the B-plot. He's off this case and on to another one. He asks Megan if she's okay with the scene, and she replies, "Sure. I'm just [beat] waiting for Speedle to finish up with the prints." Then she turns back to Alexx, who explains, "Possible entrance wound, back of his neck, and the second here, to the shoulder." We see both of these in TMICam shots. We also see a probable exit wound immediately under Father Carlos's heart. The smoke curling up from around the edges of the wound is a nice detail. We then zoom over to Calleigh, wearing a face that she keeps in a jar wrapped in lead-impregnated cloth, so as to prevent its glowing radioactivity from harming anyone else, digging a bullet out of the wall.

Then we go back to Alexx, pointing to a bullet wound in Father Carlos's thigh. She then leans in and asks, "What can you tell us, Father, about who did this to you?" My respect for Alexx grows by leaps and bounds; I hope there's a sweeps event where the guests at a diplomatic ball are massacred so we can see Alexx working her knowledge of Burke's Peerage as she chats up the dead. Calleigh bats her eyes -- no small feat with the lashes she's got attached -- and tells us that whomever shot the padre meant business, rifle-shootin' business. Megan stands up and does a word problem: "Three possible shots [beat] and only two casings. Are we missing one?" Speedle congratulates Megan on her subtraction skills, then shows her the two separate shoeprints he's lifted, which indicate that whoever was wandering around the rectory had worn out the left sole of their shoe much more dramatically than the right. The team begins brainstorming: there's no sign of break-in, because priests open their doors to a Catholic cross-section of humanity; there are two glasses, but the one without alcohol has a lip-print that's probably the result of lip balm. Megan notes, "Priests can have [beat] a drink. They can also [beat] have company over." Speedle says, "You've got an uncle who's a priest, right?" Megan clarifies, "Jesuit. He drinks, smokes, plays poker. Just doesn't [beat] have sex." But he does provide that all-important personal connection to the case, and heaven knows, we can't have an episode of CSI: Miami pass by without there being some sort of personal connection for Horatio or Megan. Meanwhile, Alexx is pulling a condom out of Father Carlos's pocket and quipping, "Don't know if we can say the same thing about our priest."

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