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Back in another plot, Calleigh and Megan are using Marathon to try and approximate Father Carlos's death. I kid -- it's only a computer simulation. Megan notes, "We can estimate that Father Carlos laid bleeding for ten seconds before he walked to his killer." Calleigh says, "That's time for the killer to come over and shoot him." Megan notes, "But he didn't. Why? What happened [beat] in those ten seconds?" Speedle interrupts this reverie and takes over the computer screen so he can play Tony Hawk Pro, or its forensic equivalent: "The shoeprints found in the rectory were DVS. Who wears DVS? Skateboarders. The reason for the difference in the wear is because one foot is always on the board, staying new, and the other foot is on the ground, wearing out." Megan notes that this person is "goofy-footed," i.e. probably extremely strongly left-handed, as their dominant foot is their left foot as well. Calleigh asks, "And you know this how, Miss Three-Inch Heels?" Possibly because Megan read The Left-Hander Syndrome: The Causes and Consequences of Left-Handedness by Stanley Coren, and the statistics in Chapter 2 ("The Lopsided Animal"), where it's noted that 77 percent of men are right-footed, stuck with her? Speedle sums up, "We're looking for a teenager, probably 5'2" and left-handed. Let's bring in the altar boys."

Cut to a baby-faced boy giving Speedle a wide-eyed look before gumming a piece of glass with his lip prints. We cut to Megan and Sevilla in Catholic agonies over on the sidelines before cutting back to a female altar server giving her lip print, then to a boy who busses the glass. As he sits down, Megan notes his DVS shoes, then asks everyone to sit down and lift their left feet so she can have Speedle take prints. The boy now looks nervous, and he meets Megan's eyes anxiously. I think we have our goofy-footed suspect.

In the next shot, we're in a small tract house by a sewage pond, then inside it. There is a staggering number of lacquered alligator heads hanging on the wall; someone who lives here is clearly committed to wiping out an entire branch in the alligator family tree. Sevilla is asking the occupant of the house, "Mrs. Medina, with this warrant, do you understand we have the right to search your home and sample your son's DNA?" Who issued this warrant -- John Ashcroft? Mrs. Medina understands fine, but claims that she and her son didn't do anything. Megan dispatches Sevilla to take the boy, Cameron, outside; as he leaves, his mother tells him in Spanish, "It's all right, son. Don't worry." This does not pass by Megan unnoted. She, Calleigh, and Speedle then spend the next few minutes searching the house for evidence. Megan finds the lip balm, Calleigh finds a rifle, Speedle finds DNA evidence, Megan finds shots of Cameron skateboarding. She also finds a belt, and recalls a bruise pattern from Mrs. Medina's neck; minutes later, she's found a hole in the plaster that matches the indent of a head, and some blood and hair on the edge. Then she walks in to talk to Mrs. Medina, who's reading the warrant and marveling at how many civil liberties John Ashcroft has assaulted.

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