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Jail's Out For Summer!

Just then, the shooting starts, and there's much gunplay. The SWAT team eventually takes the complex where Boy Blue is stashing his team of independent contractors, and they break into the apartment, where a bunch of unamused working girls put up their hands with a lot of eye-rolling. Hagen and Calleigh come in, and Calleigh demands, "Where'd he go?" Treynice is understandably irritated: "He didn't pay me! Cheap-assed bald bastard." Calleigh demands more angrily, "Where did Hank go?" Treynice replies, "To put a cap in some bitch cop. Blonde bitch. Uh, Britney? Better check this out." Treynice -- whom I also like based on her sassitude, and whom I'd like to see teamed up with Boy Blue as the CSI:M informants in Season Two for relief from the endless humorless brooding -- opens a door, and we see written in a dark liquid, "31." I have no idea what that is; if it's blood, there's no explanation for how Hank got enough of it to write large numerals on the wall. Anyway, that number's the code for a murder, so it's like Hank is sending her a message or something. I guess killing Janet The Lawyer wasn't effective as a communications strategy. Hagen takes it as a direct threat. Calleigh, for whom the bullet chambers are always half-full, prefers to think of it as trace evidence.

And now, Dawn is sharing with us her ill-conceived strategy for enforcing family values via a bloody prison break: "Randall said a convict had approached him about escaping. He wouldn't tell me who he was or what he had done. I should have asked." Well, all the marriage experts do say communication is the key to any good marriage. Horatio nudges Dawn to keep going, and Dawn continues, "I told Randall's brother what the plan was." Horatio interrupts, "Bryce, right? Bryce the pilot." Dawn replies, "Yeah. He would have done anything for his big brother. I called an offshore account in the morning to wire the -- wait. I remember one of the men asked for an RV. Randall didn't want me to be tied up purchasing one, so he decided to pay them both cash. They agreed on $50,000 apiece, which Bryce brought over on the helicopter. I don't know which one asked for the RV." Horatio does nothing for Dawn's nerves when he says, "Stewart asked for the RV." "The man who took Emma?" Dawn asks. Yup. Dawn wants to know how Horatio knows, and he high-hands her with, "It doesn't really matter right now." Dawn finally realizes that an RV is "a mobile apartment. He could take her anywhere." Horatio sends (Y)Elena off to contact every RV dealership in Miami to see if any single men have rented an RV in the last 24 hours.

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