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Jail's Out For Summer!

Cut to the triumphant conclusion of She Don't Need No Man's Protection: The Calleigh Duquesne Story. As she tells a cop to book Hank and departs the elevator to get started on the paperwork, Hank claims, "This ain't over, bitch. I'll be seeing you." Calleigh stalks back toward the elevator and replies, "Well, you know what the thing is, Hank? It doesn't really matter if you do, because if you strike me down, I will come back more powerful than you ever imagined." Oh, she doesn't go Jedi on him at all. She points out that the forensic science transcends the investigator. Why can't Horatio be just happening along while she gives that speech? She adds, "By the way -- where you're going? I think you're going to be the bitch." Hagen strolls up for a final scene, and asks where she's been. Calleigh grins, "I took a drive, got some fresh air, apprehended an escaped felon." Oh, she's so alpha Bobwhite now; Speedle and Delko have nothing on her. Hagen watches her saunter off with a "Could I love her any more?" grin on his face.

Meanwhile, we still have twelve minutes to go, and a killer with a vendetta against Horatio to catch. Horatio pops into an interrogation room where Emma's hanging out to ask how Emma's doing, and to offer her something to drink. He then follows up, "A nurse is going to be here in a few minutes, but I was hoping I could ask you a few questions first. Would that be all right?" He really is good with the short set. Wouldn't this have been a much more interesting show if Horatio was a parent and came by his empathy that way, as opposed to having it through apparently divine agency? Anyway, Emma's okay with being asked questions, and Horatio says, "I was looking for you before I found you. Does that make sense?" Emma can grasp that. She tells Horatio that Stewart claimed he was a jail man; Horatio confirms this. She asks, reasonably enough, "If he could get out of jail, could he get in here?" Horatio declines to mention her father's role in Stewart's jailbreak, and assures her that Stewart coming after her here is unlikely. However, it's more than likely that Stewart's now preying on Emma's six-year-old cousin, since Emma gave Stewart the 411 on Robin's school.

Cut to Horatio charging down the hall as (Y)Elena tells him they've located Robin Kaye, and she's on a field trip to the aquarium with her classmates. No doubt Stewart has figured this out using his special child-molester senses. He's even had time to whip up an aquarium-employee uniform.

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