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Jail's Out For Summer!

Then there's a scene where (Y)Elena makes eyes at Horatio while she tends to his hand wound, there's some "Will I see you at the booking?" swoonage, and she wanders off to leave Horatio by himself.

And now, the season-ending montage. Speedle and Alexx are stuck doing boring, work-related cleaning jobs while Calleigh gets to shoot at a paper target and Delko gets to run laps. But what of Horatio, you ask? Well, he gets to show us all that he's read his Isak Dinesen. Quoth she, "The cure for everything is salt water -- sweat, tears and the sea," and Horatio's too manly to cry, so he goes to the sea. It's not unlike that notorious picture of Richard Nixon attempting to walk on the beach: Horatio's still fully dressed and washing his hand in the ocean while brooding out over the Atlantic.

Naturally, that's how the season ends -- with Horatio brooding. I want to thank all of you who read the recaps, posted on the forums, and sent me email. I'd also like to offer good-luck wishes to those of you who watch Season Two, as I will not be among your number. So long to CSI: Miami!

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