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Jail's Out For Summer!

Horatio decides to pick one and ask him what his name is. The man balks, and Horatio's all, "Come on, partner. What's your name?" The guy replies, "Ramirez, Rico. Booking number 9397489." Horatio takes this opportunity to pull down Ramirez, Rico's collar and notice the "Montoya" tattooed on the back of the guy's neck. Oh, how sweet: his mom put her name on his collar, kind of, in case he gets lost and can't find his way home. Horatio gives the guard a look and asks him what his name is again, and the con replies, "Ramirez. You deaf or something?" Horatio asks, "Did you forget your name when you got this tattoo? We've got a bracelet switch here." Note that this is the first time we, the viewers at home, have had a chance to see the bracelets all the convicts are wearing on their right wrists. How these bracelets get there and how the prison guards prevent convicts from switching them as a matter of routine isn't covered. The guard notes that the prison's been in lockdown for half an hour and they're only now beginning to check IDs.

Just then, Horatio looks up and asks, "What's that? This airspace is restricted." "That" is a helicopter, and it's hovering mighty close to the prison courtyard. The guard sounds exasperated as he says, "Someone get on the horn to air patrol and get that chopper out of here." Someone scampers off to do precisely that. Horatio's all, "The air patrol doesn't fly A-stars. This murder is a decoy. We have an escape in progress!"

We sure do. See the convicts run. Run, convicts, run. It's amazing what great shape men who have nothing better to do can be in. As a rooftop guard finally begins firing on the escaping prisoners right as they reach the copter -- like, way to miss them when they were jogging across the courtyard, guy -- a convict pulls a gun out of thin air and, with one shot, pegs the guard, causing him to plummet to his death. Another guard picks up the slack and begins firing rounds all over the place. Horatio sprints to the fallen security guard, bellowing, "Officer down!" He then picks up the fallen man's pistol and begins shooting at the helicopter, getting several good shots in but failing to hit the fuel tank, or anything that would seriously cripple the bird. As the copter takes off, Horatio picks up a random radio receiver and begins shouting, "This is Horatio Caine. You have a 39-escapee. You have a westbound chopper from the Miami Detention Center. Three fugitives aboard, A and D. I repeat, they are armed and dangerous!"

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