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Back in the lab, Horatio's reviewing the footage. He notes the victim in the SUV. A lab tech helpfully adds, "A car behind her runs a red light moments before she gets shot." That activated the traffic camera. Champion of the Eyewitness (Y)Elena adds, "Explains why Mr. Sorriano saw a flash before he heard a gunshot." Horatio commands the A/V tech to zoom in on the carjacker, and sure enough, it's Hank Kerner. His partner, however, is unidentifiable from the angle at which the photo was taken. Horatio asks, "Tyler, these cameras take two pictures, don't they?" Tyler says, "Yeah. One as you enter the intersection, and one in the center." They zoom in, and the music gets ominous as Horatio says, "That's Stewart Otis." Loyal CSI: Miami viewers -- and why there are any of you who are loyal viewers without the financial inducement I currently depend on for motivation to watch this show is beyond my ken -- will remember him as the pedophile who killed that little girl in the pizza parlor. Horatio notes, "Convicted child killer. I put him in jail Myself." We flash back to the interrogation scene where Stewart was all, "I didn't even get to play with her." (Y)Elena points out that, according to the footage, Stewart didn't get into the car, so maybe Kerner left him behind. Horatio's all, "The question is, to do what?" Oh, take a wild guess. Horatio continues brooding: "I told Ruthie Crichton's mother he'd never hurt another child." (Y)Elena watches him for a moment before asking if he's okay. Horatio replies, "Nope. Not with Stewart on the loose. Nobody is."

Down in the morgue, Alexx is saying disapprovingly, "Young mother, and a bullet to the temple. Mmm. Two things that do not go together." Well, I'd argue that a bullet to the temple goes with very few things, but who am I to take on the social mandate that the loss of a parent's life is somehow more poignant than the loss of any life to violent crime, period? God knows that sentiment seems to count for more when assessing victims on this show: Did they have a family? Can we see the family grieve? Then bring 'em on! This show is never going to give us a brutally slain orphan, because nobody who works in CSI would have any idea how to handle themselves during the case. Calleigh's all into the bullet: "It's a .38 or a .357 with a five right. Smith & Wesson, Ruger or Taurus revolver." Alexx replies that she's got gunpowder with radial tears around the wound, which means that she's got a muzzle stamp, just like the two bodies from the helicopter. We flash back to the Kaye brothers' ending as the helicopter lands -- again, Hank's pulling a gun out of God knows where and icing those two. Alexx comments, "That's three for three on the Hank Kerner chart. Boy's a regular cowboy." Calleigh adds, "And a cold-blooded killer." Gosh, after three dead bodies in less than three hours, you think that's a fair conclusion to come to? Alexx ushers us into She's A Plucky, Gun-Toting CSI: The Calleigh Duquesne Story with, "I don't like this. You and Kerner have a history. Calleigh replies pluckily, "I have a history with a lot of bad guys, Alexx. So do you." Just then, Detective Contrivance -- excuse me, "Hagen" -- comes through the door wondering why Calleigh couldn't have maybe raised this information back at the chopper. Calleigh pluckily points out that "we've been through two hung juries together. It's not like we're picking out china." Hagen's a little pissed. I don't blame him. Nor would I want to be him, since he will inevitably spend the rest of the episode pointing out common-sense things like, "Maybe this desperate felon will be looking for you," and getting ignored for his troubles.

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