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Jail's Out For Summer!

Well, that's because Calleigh has to go meet her obviously doomed friend, Lawyer Janet. We learn that a) Calleigh is not above taking bribes from Foghorn Leghorn vis-à-vis his drunken behavior, and thus has a very nice necklace her daddy gave her; b) Janet was the lawyer who put Hank away, and she is aware that Calleigh is Marked for Vengeance: The Calleigh Duquesne Story; and c) Calleigh and Lawyer Janet are friends who tear up the town on the rare nights when Calleigh's not in the lab being all workaholic and dying for Horatio to notice her. Now, wave goodbye to Janet, because this is the last time we're going to see her standing erect.

Meanwhile, Speedle and Delko are busy examining the embroidery thread found in Stewart Otis's bunk. We learn that the murderous perv went on to a fulfilling career in the prison tailor shop, where he made the little flag patches on the Florida Marlins' uniforms. Well, the sticky paper leads us to a similar conclusion, as Delko points out, "Water-soluble weave stabilizer. The Boy Scouts use it to make patches." Horatio mumbles from the throes of a flashback, "You mean like a uniform...a fake uniform. That's how he got Ruthie Crichton. So he was making a disguise." Again -- Stewart Otis used to lure children away from their parents by dressing up like the Happy Ho-Ho Pizzatoria Plaza Playmate, or whatever the hell it was called. We flash to the abduction scene, and I get the sinking feeling that the extra fifteen minutes tacked on to this episode are, in fact, actually five minutes of commercials and ten minutes of flashbacks to "Broken." Anyway, Horatio notices all the family portraits Randall had tacked up in his cell, and we establish that Randall's wife is Dawn and his daughter is Emma. And Randall apparently had no problem helping a convicted child molester and killer with a taste for little girls escape? We establish that Emma is probably seven, and Horatio points out, "You see this tape? It means that this picture has been taken off the wall repeatedly." Speedle comments, "One man's family album is another man's porn." And Randall...had no knowledge of this? Three men in a cell, it's pretty hard to hide anything. So he had no problem with it? That's pretty sick. I hope we don't get to a scene where we find out that Randall bought his escape with his child's life. Horatio concludes that Emma is Stewart The Child-Killer's next target, and Delko's all, "We got to get to his house." Horatio reins Delko in: "Wait a second. The thread Stewart uses is red, blue and gray, right? It's not the house. We've got to get to the school. It's the school."

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