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Jail's Out For Summer!

And now we're inside somewhere with Dawn. (Y)Elena says to Dawn, "I noticed the luggage in your car." Horatio adds, "Were you traveling today?" Dawn declines to say anything, not even, "I need to talk to my lawyer, and by the way, are you guys cops or what? No, really. Five minutes we've known each other, you're all, 'Your husband's dead, your kid's taken,' and have I seen any ID? I don't think so." Horatio says, "Mrs. Kaye, you're involved in this, aren't you?" Dawn replies, "My daughter was growing up without a father." Caine jumps in with, "Technically, it's will grow up now, and given that she's mere hours away from being chopped up and buried in someone's backyard, it's not like she's going to have time to feel the loss acutely." Oh, he does not. He just glares at Dawn until she justifies her weak morals with, "I just wanted my family back together." I'm sure that's not a sentiment the family of her husband's victim ever expressed. Horatio passes judgement with, "I understand." Cue Dawn whimpering, "Where's Emma?" "Oh, she's with the vicious child molester whose multiple murder victims are literally pushing up the daisies. And while we can't figure out why your husband wasn't smart enough to notice that this creep was whacking off to pictures of your daughter, much less inviting him along on an escape attempt, we can reassure you that none of this will matter in 45 minutes," (Y)Elena says. Actually, she replies, "We believe that one of the men who escaped with your husband had taken Emma." We get a close-up of Dawn's face, and we can see the ravages of grief -- or Botox, since her forehead hasn't gone anywhere in the last ten minutes -- as she attempts to wrest her face into something approximating anguish. Horatio tells her, "I need you to focus. The first 24 hours are crucial." Dawn proposes going to a bank. Horatio replies, "Listen to Me. I can assure you this man's interest in Emma is not monetary." Oh, that'll help Dawn focus. She asks, "What have I done?" Attempted to circumvent the societal bonds that keep our society running, then acted surprised when your actions come back to smack you in the face? Or were you looking for something more specific? We then establish that we're bringing in scent dogs to track Emma and Stewart. Right then, Dawn converts to The Church of Horatio, and the lure of rescuing a child in peril outweighs the righteous lecture about aiding and abetting a prison escape that Dawn deserves.

Back in the lab, Hagen feigns an interest in Calleigh's work while she confirms that we get not one, not two, but three TMICam shots of what a bullet does when it enters the brain. Her main point is that matching them up may be hard, since they did take slightly different paths while scrambling cerebral cortices as they went. Calleigh points out, "Bullets bounce against bone, you end up with three pretty distorted bullets." Hagen wants to know if Calleigh can get a match between all three; she's sure she can, because she's Competent and Fearless: The Calleigh Duquesne Story. Just then, Hagen gets a phone call that's not good news. The line "Same gunshot wound?" makes Calleigh perk up, and when he makes to go because he's got a DB to go stand over, Calleigh asks, "Is this about Hank Kerner?" Hagen steels himself and says, "It looks like he got another victim." Calleigh breathes in deeply, then asks, "Not the eyewitness, our college girl." Hagen replies, "Worse."

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