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As Horatio's either going to or coming back from his coffee errand, Speedle sees him going by and shouts from a lab bench, "How he got in!" Horatio is understandably confused, so Speedle explains, "The glitter found on Ruthie is a match to the glitter found on the Zany Town vest. He must have stolen one; that's how he got in." Horatio deduces that it's how the perp got out too. He then goes to call in the stammering manager to see what light he can shed on this phenomenon.

Once the man's in the chair (as it were), he explains away the vest with, "It couldn't have been an employee. Nobody with a record can work there." Horatio moves on and asks how the killer could have had the code to the storage entrance. Bernstein (the manager) says he doesn't know how this happened. Horatio wants to know where the code is kept; Bernstein, demonstrating why he didn't go into a field like national security, admits, "On my desk." As Horatio points out, "In plain view for everyone to see -- that's using your head."

Speedle's moved on from the glitter and found something else interesting in the dirt from the prints: Papilio aristodemus ponceanus, also known as the swallowtail butterfly, and torchwood. Calleigh pipes up, "[This] book says swallowtail's a rare butterfly. Only three have been spotted in Biscayne National Park in the last four years." Yup -- according to the Nature Conservancy, the subspecies ponceanus is imperiled globally, although as a whole, P. aristodemus is apparently secure. Horatio grabs a map so he can begin tracing location based on the eggs. Just then, Megan and her cleavage come in to share the news about Stewart Otis -- "registered pedophile, long record [beat] starting at age twelve." Horatio realizes that all they need is an address. Sadly, it would appear that Stewart's in violation of Megan's Law and has not registered his domicile as required by law. Horatio points out, "If he changed his prints, there's a chance he changed his name, so let's do a property search for the name Otis anywhere in or around Biscayne National Park." That works -- William and Margaret Otis live at 2430 Black Creek Rd., Miami, FL. 33165. Horatio notes, "That's a quarter-mile from the park. Let's go."

The team hauls ass to get over there. Yup, it's creepy: think "hillbilly" meets "Dahmer." Horatio hollers for everyone to grab their kits and gloves and go. Cue the black-and-white photos of the scene: a coffee table covered in markers and papers with children's drawings, shelves of stuffed toys, a row of little girl's shoes. Calleigh puts down the camera, somewhat shaken. She drifts out of camera range, and we see Horatio shining his light on the walls and confirming that pedophiles have bad taste in art. Just then, Horatio notices a shelf full of tapes and quips, "Well, he's not shy about his pornography." Calleigh's back on black-and-white photo duty, snapping what amounts to a shrine: pictures of little girls on the wall and occasional table, with stuffed toys underneath. Before either she or Horatio can say anything, Speedle comes out, looking queasy. He drops a big container filled with videotapes on the floor, and comments, "This is just the tip of the iceberg." Horatio only replies, "Wow." He notices a toy with dust on it and concludes, "He doesn't live here." Megan's left with the dopey line, "He plays here." She's walking through the house, spraying it down with luminol, and she finds something -- semen, blood, who knows? -- on the arm of the couch. Meanwhile, Horatio's found an array of uniforms and a very big pair of shoes in the closet. He then walks into an alcove where Delko's staring at a number of milk cartons lined up like sentries, a picture of a different missing child on each one. Delko stammers, "I don't know...these cartons...he must, uh, he must keep them as some sick kind of trading cards." Horatio looks out the window conveniently located next to the shelf, to the vast and empty yard, and concludes, "They're not trading cards. They're headstones."

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