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There are no other cases in Miami today...or tomorrow

Cut to everyone in the backyard at night, working under the glare of flood lamps as Alexx announces the results of their labor thus far: four children's bodies, and one partial body. She's about to head out to the office to prep an autopsy room for the remains, but she adds, "At this point, closure's the only thing we can give these families." Megan says, "Until we catch this guy." Horatio hunkers down in front of a pile of dirt, cradles a doll that was apparently buried with the body the mound is hiding, and takes a little me-time for the brood that refreshes. He then calls for Alexx to assess the body in question. Citing the sandy soil as a deterrent to bodily decomposition and noticing the relatively good condition of the body, she figures that the last little girl was killed three to four weeks ago. Alexx and Horatio figure that Otis is accelerating between kills, which means that he's more likely to slip up. At this point, having a CSI team camped out in your yard seems like it would qualify as a mondo gaffe, but what do I know? Horatio says, "He's more likely to make mistakes." Alexx leans down and says to the body, "Maybe you can tell us some of them, angel." Oh, and she was doing so well, too -- no talking to the dead bodies until the fifty-minute mark. The camera pulls back so we can see Horatio hovering over Alexx -- give him points for improvising in the field -- while the boy soprano carries on.

Back at the lab, Horatio's pulling a pair of little girl's underpants out of an envelope and telling Speedle, "This is from the little girl we dug up at the house." Which one? Speedle sighs, then looks down at the scrap of fabric to ask, "Is that blood?" Yup. Speedle says disgustedly, "This freak plays with them like toys." "Until they break," Horatio replies. After a lengthy and extensive examination sequence, Speedle comes back with the results: a carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen mixture, plus some propylene glycol, sugar, and blue dye #1. Horatio notes, "Well, there's our cotton candy." Speedle understandably wonders how it got in the underwear. Horatio's got no good answers until they realize that the cotton candy is still in raw crystal form, so the perp must be a cotton-candy vendor.

Cut to Megan and her cleavage -- and I am happy to report that we're seeing an unprecedented amount of uncovered breast, so the exposure : progress of the case indicator is apparently accurate -- coming up to a cotton candy vendor, getting a cone, and bagging it immediately. Horatio, who's been hovering in the back, says sharply, "Hey, Stewart. How's the cotton-candy business?" A plain-faced young man looks up sharply, realizing exactly what's going on as Horatio apprehends him. The boy soprano starts in again, so we know we've got the right guy, but the sliced-and-diced fingertips more or less give it away, and the Sir Golf-a-Lot uniform Stewart was walking around with certainly doesn't add any ambiguity to the case. The uniforms yank Stewart Otis off to a waiting squad car, leaving Horatio and Megan to glare the glare of the righteous, as the boy soprano teams up with a tinkling piano to drive home the pathos of whole episode like a railroad spike to the skull.

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