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Back the morgue, Alexx is on the phone saying, "I don't want you giving Tiger any more potato chips. They're not good for kitties. Okay? Now have Daddy read you a story tonight. No TV. Yeah. I love you too, baby." So Alexx has a partner and at least one child. Can you imagine what bedtime must be like in that house? "Mom, quit asking me who did this to me. I'm seven, I can brush my own teeth and put on my pajamas. Now will you let me sleep?" Anyway -- Alexx, personal life, distress at the crime scene, all the pieces falling into place. She turns back to the autopsy table where Ruthie is. Megan comes in, and Alexx's very bad, no good, horrible day is complete. Megan says, "I got the results of the blue tint on her lips. Diglucose and propylene glycol, a.k.a. good old-fashioned candy." Alexx suspects that the candy could be how the murderer lured Ruthie away, and takes off points for lack of inventiveness. Alexx and Megan hunker down to take a look at Ruthie's head and neck, and Alexx notices a bluish blotch by Ruthie's ear. In order to figure out what it is, Megan blow-dries the area, then takes a magnetized tool and what look to be colored filings, then brushes the area. After she's done, she takes a portable UV wand, and studies the splotch.

Meanwhile, Calleigh is watching the security tapes, rewinding and watching children frolicking in the ball pen, then speeding up until we see Ruthie twirling in front of a mirror before turning to talk to someone who's right off-camera. Calleigh decrees, "He must have surveilled the place. He knew how to stay out of sight." When did "surveilled" hit the lingua franca? Is this another case of the pernicious linguistic phenomena known as "verbing"? We then see Ruthie walking down the hall, led by the hand by someone who's still off-camera. Calleigh asks her headset, "Where are you?" and Horatio replies, "Walking toward the bathroom." Calleigh monitors the security film, telling him, "I don't see you...I don't see you...hello, handsome. I can see your hand." Horatio then passes a display full of stuffed ducks. We determine that Horatio's managed to retrace the criminal's steps. As he hunkers on the floor, he tells Calleigh how the perp took the road less traveled (while he was absconding with someone's else child? No!), but left a footprint they could use. They lift the print and admire it.

Megan and an unnamed lab tech are going through a fingerprint database; I use my innate ability to take observation and infer conclusion to figure out that the splotch on Ruthie's neck must have yielded a fingerprint, which is now being compared to the prints in AFIS. He tells her there's no match; Megan expresses surprise: "You're kidding. I thought for sure this guy would be a repeat." After a moment staring at the screen, Megan concludes that the print's all screwed up. The tech agrees: "There's no central pocket loop." Megan begins hypothesizing with, "Human [beat] skin is an elastic surface. Maybe [beat] the print got stretched [beat] when we moved her." The tech counters that maybe they're not looking at one finger, but a cross-section of several different fingers.

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