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There are no other cases in Miami today...or tomorrow

Back at Zany Town, Delko, ever the consummate host, is ushering people out, bidding them to get some rest and drive safely. You just know half the people who left went to their cars saying, "What a nice boy. So unlike that surly cop." Then he turns around and runs into Calleigh. Although her arms are full, that won't stop her from taking whatever Delko's found and running with it. We find out that there were no prior convictions on anyone in the place, and the only reason four people are gathered in a seating area is because they refused to give prints. Calleigh looks at the guy in the glittery Acapulco tee (think poor man's Steve Zahn) and asks whether he gave prints. Delko replies, "No, but, uh, you think we could arrest him based on the fact that it's a little too creepy to be in one of these places without a kid?" Calleigh contemplates this for a moment, then hands her boxes of footprint lifters to Delko, asking him if he has any (fingerprint-)ridge building lotion. Delko does. She then lets down her hair -- which strikes me as wasted effort if this guy is a suspected child molester, as she's undoubtedly too old for his tastes -- and rubs the ridge building lotion into her hands. Delko catches on to what Calleigh's about to do and laughs, because obtaining evidence under false pretenses is funny. I'm sure Mr. Acapulco's lawyer will think so later too. Anyway, Calleigh sashays on over to the guy, sticks her hand out, and introduces herself. The man -- Brad Repkin -- reciprocates, and Calleigh conveniently drops her clipboard then. He picks up her clipboard, taking care to leave a fat, juicy thumbprint on it. Calleigh confirms Repkin's last name, then pivots without so much as a fare-thee-well. She comes over to Delko, who applauds her efforts within eyeshot of Mr. Repkin ("That's right, Your Honor. She obtained my client's prints under false pretenses before charging or arresting him, and her coworkers colluded."), then hands off her clipboard and her lifts to Delko. Naturally, he ends up taking everything back to the lab for her. Oh, that nice, dim Delko.

At the back of Zany Town, Horatio and the detective are noticing the unbarred service entrance. The detective tells Horatio that anyone who wants to enter or exit needs a code to do so. Horatio asks who might have access to the code, and the detective replies that the manager and six other employees do -- "two that were on shift, and four that we had to pull in. We looked at 'em real hard. They all checked out." This doesn't surprise Horatio. Then again, nothing really does. It's hard to surprise the omniscient, you know.

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